5 factors to buy the iPhone 4S

1-Device the iPhone 4 powered by A4, while the iPhone 4S works A5 dual-core processor, which means that the device has become the fastest in receiving and processing orders.

2-For the camera front, there is no difference between the two almost camera is front of the devices strongly 0.3 MP clearly normal or so-called PAL VGA, As for the camera background situation is different, the strength of the camera in the iPhone 4 of 5 MP and can take pictures of the quality of HD or what is known as 720P high-definition quality at 30 frames per second, while the iPhone 4S quality image quality 8 MP 1080P at 30 frames per second.

3-Personal Assistant will remind you your appointments and important answers to the questions posed by them, and with the existence formally on the iPhone 4S nothing prevents from buying the device for its services, in particular, and it works in three languages​​, English, French and German.

4-If you are a people who store a lot of movies and programs on your mobile phone, and complain of the inadequacy of the 32GB of memory in your iPhone 4 Apple has had to add a third machine with an area of up to 64GB

5-IPhone applications store is the best ever and it contains more than 500 thousand application, it is true that the Android store has a large number of applications and certification, but many do not reach the quality of the iPhone applications store, while delayed both Windows and BlackBerry Store in the number of applications.

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