Samsung Galaxy S III : full specs

Samsung Galaxy S III

we now have some more detailed specifications to report. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Samsung Galaxy S III:

1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor
4.8-inch “full HD” 1080p resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio display
A 2-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera
Ceramic case
Android 4.0
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Samsung Galaxy S3: New photo reveals a larger screen!

Samsung Galaxy S3

Yet another photograph of the Galaxy S3 has just been published by an American website that said he got this photo anonymously. The photo shows the future therefore Galaxy S3 against a ruler and it would measure 13cm. Suffice to say that it is a real phone booth. While the screen size of the Galaxy S3 as the iPhone 6 is debated but we were far from imagining a Galaxy S3 greater. Even the video showing a simulation of Techradar Galaxy S3 left nothing of the sort appear. A real question, therefore, fake or not fake? With all the pictures we receive from around the world, it is quite difficult to sort out. Anyway, the hype around the Galaxy Samsung S3 gives the best advertisement.

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Samsung Galaxy S3: New videos, photos and features

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3, decidedly, no end of exciting high-tech world. Videos, photos, rumors and all the rest continue to spring up everywhere around the world. In this quiet Saturday, then you're probably just surfing on meltyStyle, informing you about new Kooples spring 2012, we obvious a new article on a website disseminating an English reproduction of the next Galaxy S3. A very well done video showing the Samsung Galaxy S3 as it will (almost) to its output. Surely that official information will be provided by Samsung at the event announcing the release on May 3rd to be held in London. Meanwhile it is with rumors that the most likely of geeks had fun to make this video. The Galaxy S3 will be equipped with a quad-core processor Exynos 4, it will download 30 frames per second ... More features of Samsung Galaxy S3 on this article. Finally, the website has also posted a picture of Vodafone (SFR English) that is already advertising for the Galaxy S3.
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Samsung Galaxy S3 : New images and leak on Samsung Kies

Samsung Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 to, or almost. We have already seen the first photos of the prototype Galaxy S3 with the new version of TouchWiz few days ago and today we discover new ones that allow us to better observe the Galaxy S3. Unfortunately this version of the Galaxy S3 (whether this is the smartphone) would only be a provisional version in a shell. Technique used by Samsung to prevent leakage of the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Despite all precautions to ensure Samsung the surprise on the day of the presentation of the Galaxy S3, the Korean company was not immune to a small blunder. It is finally on the download platform Samsung Kies that the Galaxy has accidentally leaked S3
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Samsung Galaxy S3: Photo leaked the final design?

Samsung Galaxy S3
The Galaxy S3 will be announced in six days and many photos of the next potential flagship smartphone Samsung circulating around the web. The last picture of the Galaxy S3 Samsung unveiled a prototype, but now a blurry picture allows us to discover what appears to be the final design of the Galaxy S3. You'll find this photo of Galaxy S3 below (under the second paragraph) and can tell us if we like you think it would be really cool design for the Galaxy S3. A clean and simple design halfway between an iPhone and the latest Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The iPhone has much to be done ...

This photo of the Galaxy S3 site was sent to PhoneArena by an anonymous source. If the site believed to see the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and if we also believe that this is perhaps the Galaxy S3 is that after the first pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which we unveiled a prototype hull cumbersome, this photo shows a potential Galaxy S3 realistic design. Indeed, given the 4.7-inch screen, it is logical that Samsung wants to minimize the size of the hull of the Galaxy S3. And clearly in this photo that the size of the smartphone is shown minimized depending on the size of its screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3: Home Button physical and metal shell and ceramic?

Samsung Galaxy S3
The Galaxy S3 whose design remains a mystery for now, is arguably the most anticipated smartphone of 2012 this spring. This ultra powerful Android is awaited for by fans of the previous Samsung S2 Galaxy who tweeted from the top of Everest. While preparing the launch perhaps with great fanfare at the Olympics for this Samsung Galaxy S3, Jonathan S. Geller, founder of BGR (Boy Genius Report) talks about the Home button on the smartphone and materials that make up its case. Home button About the Galaxy S3, according to him he would always physical, not samrtphone would use the navigation buttons present in the new virtual Android 4 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)

A Galaxy S3 physical button that could benefit from more design than its predecessor. Indeed, after a Galaxy S2 with plastic shell, the next Galaxy S could be fitted with a ceramic shell with a few metal parts. That other material would be blue with a brushed effect and might as well be aluminum than steel. Jonathan S. Geller said he still could also be plastic with brushed effect, an effect used by the brand repeatedly. In the editorial 'we are of meltyStyle rather tempted by the design of ceramic and metal for the Galaxy S3 which should be unveiled on May 3 And you, do you think Samsung will add these few noble materials to raise the design of the Galaxy S3 at an iPhone?
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toshiba Satellite L750D series (Pictures)

toshiba Satellite L750D series

toshiba Satellite L750D series

toshiba Satellite L750D series

toshiba Satellite L750D series

toshiba Satellite L750D series
Satellite L750D series
Satellite L750D-14E
Satellite L750D-14F
Satellite L750D-14R
Satellite L750D-14U
Satellite L750D-199
Satellite L750D-1C7
Satellite L750D-1CC
Satellite L750D-1ER
Satellite L750D-1EX
Satellite L750D-1GC
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5 tips for advertising on Adsense

5 tips for advertising on Adsense

Large and small advertisers use largely sponsored links. But they are often limited to results on search engines neglecting the network of partner sites, like Google Adsense. What is this network? How to optimize their campaigns? The five-point answers.

1. Do not confuse AdSense and AdWords

In terms of Google sponsored links, many advertisers know that engine results pages. Others think that the network of partner sites (AdSense) is not an extension of these results pages. There must be a mistake.

To publish their ads on this network requires a separate discussion. "Never turn one campaign" content "(AdSense sites) and" search "(on the search engine)," says Yohann Dupasquier, associate director of the agency Keyline. Why? First "because there is no control on the budget invested in research and adsense. Better to create a separate campaign with its own budget," says Olivier Mosca, Director of Search Marketing 's NetBooster agency.

Then, because it is against-productive to duplicate research cruises on the network of sites. A common mistake made by advertisers who ignore the behavior of Internet users. Those who see ads on a website have not taken the step of searching for a product or service, as on an engine, but potentially have an interest.

An advertiser's ads plate "engine" on partner sites therefore obtained lower click rates. Especially since the "quality score", that is to say, the relevance of an ad as measured by Google, suffers, then the announcement that may not be well placed.

In planning his campaign on the AdSense network, the advertiser should use auction separate from the "search". Because the costs per click are lower due to fewer advertisers.

2. How to choose keywords

Meanwhile behavioral targeting based on browsing history of users, that Google just announced and will gradually be offered, two targeting systems exist: by content and location.

For content, the advertiser defines the keywords that the algorithm Google uses to select sites where the ads appear. Yohann Dupasquier advises limiting the number of keywords between 5 and 15.

But beware, it is important to build their groups by thematic keywords. "AdSense does not work by similarity of keywords, but by extraction under the overall theme," said Olivier Mosca.

Unlike keywords for sponsored links intended to appear in the pages of search engine results, it is not useful to capture every nuance of a word or phrase, especially with spelling errors. The advertiser does not have to put in place of the user on this point.

As for the "search", Google allows you to exclude certain keywords. This feature is very useful on the content network, to avoid publicity that is associated with inappropriate content. "An airline has such an interest to exclude the term 'plane crash' not to appear next to an article about a plane crash," advises Yohann Dupasquier.

3. Enjoy the site targeting

The advertiser may also target the dissemination of their ads by location. Two types of selection available to them. On the one hand according to the categories of sites (eg "finance / insurance") and then by subcategories. On the other hand, directly by sites and even sites pages.

Select by category is less tedious than site by site, but the ideal is still possible to refine the targeting. As for keywords, the advertiser can exclude specific sites. Those who sell such items or those competitors whose quality porrrait tarnish a brand.

Moreover, Yohann Dupasquier advises sellers of niche products to seek media sites "by hand", for greater efficiency and control costs.

A good solution is to couple the category targeting with that keyword. "This is useful for large media sites that have several subcategories. Because it avoids being broadcast on all of these categories (eg, a product for men released in the women)" says Olivier Mosca.

Google puts measurement tools available to identify and exclude sites that are less successful than others.

4. The network, in addition to the engine

Advertise on the AdSense network needs to take into account some specificities. But it is also very complementary to the sponsored links on search engine. "This is a marketing offer, while research is a marketing application," says Yohann Dupasquier.

Complementarity in the buying cycle attractive for an advertiser. For an AdSense campaign can trigger a desire in a surfer, which later may seek the product on a search engine.

A study by Atlas Institute, a campaign associate on the partner network campaign with a "search" increases by 22% conversion rates.

AdSense allows campaigns so well known to relatively low prices. Interesting to launch a small player. All network sites reach a coverage of 79% in France, according to Google. But the advertiser may also use this network to run more campaigns "on permformance", choosing a pricing per click (CPC) or per action (CPA), and non-CPM (cost per thousand displays).

How to allocate its budget between the engine and the network? Yohann Dupasquier advises a 70/30 split, with a standard more favorable to the "search" for merchants online pure players

5. Adapting ads

The user sees an advertisement on a site has not shown a specific interest in the product in question, unlike that by searching on an engine. Therefore his attention more strongly.

For this, the advertiser must create demand. "The grip is important and will work better with a twist or interrogative while being descriptive," says Yohann Dupasquier. Alternatively, announce a promotion of limited duration and question Internet users to take advantage.

The choice of places ads uses the same rules as for banners. Most visible at the top of pages, preferably on the right. The ideal is to appear as close to the content. As for formats, Google accepts advertising "text", but also in the form of banners and videos.

To optimize its campaigns, the anonceur will systematically test several models of banners and text ads. Be careful though to ensure that the sites referred to accept the chosen format. For campaigns with keywords, Olivier Mosca advised to focus on the text, more widely accepted.

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Spam World: India dethrones the U.S.

Spam World

This is a first in the ranking published by Sophos Dirty Dozen. Among the spam-relaying countries, the United States are no longer in the lead. Between January and March 2012, the country of Uncle Sam is beaten by India.

"If you have spam in your inbox, there are nearly one chance in ten that has been relayed by a computer in India," insists Sophos. An inglorious title which is closely related to the number of computers in a country that is part of a botnet, and thus infected.

With 9.3% of all spam relayed around the world, India is ahead of the United States for which this rate is 8.3%. The third place is occupied by South Korea (5.7%), a country highly connected and very high speed.

Note that France is not included in the ranking of the twelve Sophos. Another notable absence, that of China.

For the British publisher of security solutions, the good news is that spam has decreased worldwide. However, if the spam target marketing has decreased, the malicious spam (containing malware or phishing, for example) has increased. In addition, spam has changed shape. From traditional spam via email, he turned to social networks.

Spam World

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Opera 12 beta

Opera 12 beta

This version of Opera 12 is long overdue. An expectation that will soon be satisfied for 12 users since Opera now passes the course of the beta.

Codenamed Wahoo, Opera 12 inaugurates support hardware acceleration with WebGL. However, this support is always presented as a small experimental manipulation is required to activate it. It is explained on this blog post.

With plugins such as Flash Player, Opera 12 uses a separate process, resulting in greater stability in case of crash of a plugin. The browser is still usable.

Other new features concern the support for more Web standards like the dragging of HTML5, CSS3 transitions and animations, CSS Generated Content for Paged Media, WebRTC.

Note also the support WebRTC, getUserMedia HTML5 API that allows sites to interact with the webcam for example, the implementation of the Do Not Track protection against tracking websites (to be activated in security preferences).

The creation and application of topics is facilitated, while Opera Software announces display pages faster, improved performance for handling tabs. In addition, Opera 12 will be available in 64-bit Windows and OS X.

Many things are present for Opera 12, but mostly under the hood. These are mostly ball given to developers who will benefit from it.

Surprise, however, Opera Software decided to stop Unite which allowed to transform the particular browser share server. Similarly, it is the end for widgets replaced by extensions.

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Samsung became the world's largest maker of mobile phones


Samsung Electornics displays its financial health by announcing a record profit of $ 5.2 billion in the first quarter 2012. A result boosted by the performance of its Mobile Communications & IT division.

The giant South Korean electronics particularly emphasizes sales of Galaxy and Galaxy S II rating. Necessarily bode well when the smartphone Galaxy S III will be officially unveiled on May 3, and thus well before the iPhone 5 Apple tipped to fall 2012.

In this segment of smartphones, Strategy Analytics estimates that Samsung has passed 44.5 million units in the first quarter increased by 253% in a year. Earlier this week, Apple announced the sale of 35.1 million iPhone. Samsung is passed Apple, winning 30.6% and 24.1% of the global market for smartphones.

Moreover, Samsung has become the world's largest maker of mobile phones. Confirmation of the sayings of Chairman of Nokia announced that it had lost a world title held for 14 years.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold 93.5 million mobile phones in the first quarter of 2012 (thus with 44.5 million smartphones). Over the same period, Nokia sold 82.7 million mobile phones.
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Easter egg: Google and Zerg Rush

Easter egg: Google and Zerg Rush

An Easter egg (Easter egg) is a hidden feature of a program to which it can be accessed via a combination of keystrokes. Google cached a few, including its search engine. In this case, you must enter a specific query.

On the occasion of last year-end holidays, for example Google had made ​​the snow fall on its results page. Curiosity triggered the request with "let it snow" which now gives the desired effect. The question is whether "zerg rush" will persist over time.

On Friday, Google has hidden in its search engine a little game that this request "zerg rush" triggers. This is particularly Vic Gundotra, vice president for engineering at Google, which has spilled the beans on Google +.

The short game is a reference to an attack by a large number of Zerg, a breed of massively multiplayer game StarCraft. The Zerg are here the appearance of O escaped the Google logo. They attack anything they find in their path on the results page.

The goal is to knock as much as possible before they gather to form a GG (Good Game?).

Like doodles, a nice initiative from Google to maintain a link with its users.
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Hotmail hacked accounts for $ 20


The Redmond company indicated that it had fixed a security vulnerability in the least concerned worrying Hotmail. A 0-day vulnerability that could be exploited by attackers to reset the passwords of accounts, and therefore have access to the entire contents of a mailbox.

The blog reports including a member of a forum of hackers has offered his services for $ 20 and promise to crack any Hotmail account in a minute. The technique was nevertheless quickly posted on the Web.

Security researcher for Vulnerability Laboratory, Benjamin Kunz Mejri confirmed the existence of a critical flaw in Hotmail. Specifically, at the functionality of resetting a password and token authentication system that would normally ensure that only the account holder may proceed.

Through the assistance of the Tamper Data extension for Firefox that can intercept and modify HTTP requests from a browser, attackers were able to go beyond the protections put in place for Hotmail accounts.

" Des attaquants distants peuvent passer outre le service de récupération de mot de passe pour configurer un nouveau mot de passe en se jouant des protections basées sur un jeton. La protection par jeton vérifie seulement si une valeur est vide, puis bloque ou ferme la session Web. Un attaquant distant peut, par exemple, passer outre la protection par jeton avec des valeurs +++)- "
Vulnerability Laboratory explains that discovered the vulnerability on April 6. Microsoft was notified on April 20 for a correction took place a day later. But that is only now that Microsoft has publicly announced that correction.

Of the 350 million Hotmail users, the number of victims remains unknown.
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LinkedIn: new dedicated application on iPad


We know how professional networks play a role in recruitment. Recruiters use this new tool to search for profiles and users now no longer hesitate to deliver their professional experience in these places to attract a potential opportunity and generate a large network of contacts.

LinkedIn, which is currently with Viadeo, the main reference site in this area for recruiters, understood how important it was to be available and accessible in a mobile website, using the tablet has become a new habit to consider. They are also connected to 22% of LinkedIn to go through the mobile application.

Also, the professional network is to provide its users a new application dedicated to the shelves, and Android smartphones. The application is redesigned for a more optimized and visits now available on the iPad. Among the novelties, there will be such as synchronizing your calendar with the activity of your contacts. You will know in real-time changes to a schedule, will have information about your next appointment, and find the experience of your correspondent a few topics of discussion.

IPad also, LinkedIn will offer new services such as stock, weather or a newsfeed. Finally, note that the application is free for the Apple tablet
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Nintendo: a catastrophic year

Nintendo: a catastrophic year

43.20 Milliars yen, or 425 million Euros, this is Nintendo's deficit for this fiscal year 2011-2012 which has just ended. The turnover is in turn a decrease of 36.2%. The declining price of its consoles, the Wii one side reaching the end of life now and that of the 3DS exclusively to boost sales, are the main pitfalls that resulted in an operating loss of about 37 , 32 billion yen.

Stock of the Nintendo 3DS is not the one expected by the manufacturer. The small laptop has struggled to win at launch, the fault of too high a price. The questioning of the tariff is unlikely to have allowed Nintendo to catch up. The manufacturer 3DS displays 5.85 million sold in Japan in Japan and 11.3 million abroad. On all these sales, only 13.49 million sales occurred during the past fiscal year.

No surprise, the Wii, certainly out of breath and replaced this year by the U Wii, no longer displays the results so convincing of yesteryear. In one year, it took 9.84 million copies of the console, or 5 million less than FY 2010-2011.

Nintendo also had a hard time selling its games, both on 3DS on Wii. But the manufacturer, faced with as little optimistic figures, is still to keep your head up and turns résoolument forward.

Wii G carries all the hopes of the firm, just like the big licenses to own Nintendo. The manufacturer expects positive results next year, with 20 billion yen in annual net profit, an operating gain of 35 billion yen and an annual turnover of 820 million yen.
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Firefox 13: some visible

Firefox 13

The latest version of Firefox is proof of the innovations in the Mozilla browser may not be directly visible to the user. One thing that one can draw from Firefox 4 released in March 2011.

It's a bit like the law of a rapid development cycle, and Google Chrome there is no exception. Still, since Firefox 4, performance improvements have continually been added, including JavaScript, or reducing memory consumption, excluding improvements support Web standards.

For the end user, innovations are immediately visible indeed in preparation. The highlight will probably be in the second half with a refresh of the user interface. A revised and updated look for the time known as Australis.

But from Firefox 13 that has just entered beta, visual changes are the order of the day. It all starts with the homepage which menu items were deported. Under the Google search box, buttons provide a direct link to the download manager, bookmarks, browsing history, add-ons, the sync feature and browser settings. Practice to make the homepage a sort of central clearing.

When opening a new tab, it's the end of the blank page with a grid in place with miniatures of the most recent and frequently used. This page is configurable with the ability to rearrange sites by dragging and dropping, to pin a site or delete it. Top right, a button to show or hide the new tab page.

And also ...

Other changes found in Firefox beta 13, the tabs that are not loaded by default during a restore to optimize the startup time, smooth scrolling (scrolling for a fluid) which is enabled by default.

Another is the default activation of SPDY to accelerate the display of pages in that sites support this protocol that compresses HTTP headers. SPDY figure also all communications with SSL.

The developers have once again been forgotten with particular improvements for the various tools at their disposal. More than 72 enhancements in total.
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CCleaner: version 3.18 with support Firefox 12 / Google 20

CCleaner: version 3.18
The publisher Piriform updates its cleaning software free CCleaner, with the publication of a new version 3.18.1707.

This ad first support 12 of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome 20 (development version), The Gimp 2.8 (currently in RC), a portable version of Opera, Corel VideoStudio Pro and X5 Microsoft Security Client.

It also provides improvements in cleaning AIMP 3, OpenOffice 3 and add-ons for Internet Explorer 64-bit.

Note then the possibility of multiple selection when viewing the results in detail, the optimization of the algorithm for the detection of cases, the optimization of the parties running in Include / Exclude, the better management of failover [ALT + TAB] Windows 7 and some arrangements at the interface.

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Windows smartphones and tablets at Huawei

To believe some rumors of Chinese origin, Huawei would have in the pipeline of products under Windows Mobile. No fewer than 70 engineers would work on these products now.

The Asian manufacturer could get two smartphones and Windows Phone 8 and a digitizer in Windows 8 by the end of the year.

Very little information has circulated about these three devices. The first would be based on a smartphone Android model already in the book and would be sold just over $ 300, while the second would be a new model with a screen greater than 4 inches. As for the touch pad, it would benefit from compatibility with mobile networks 4G / LTE.

It will take a priori expect the release of Windows Phone Windows 8 and that of 8, both scheduled later this year, for more information.

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Google: death of new products

Google: death of new products
Google continues its spring cleaning around products or services in order to focus on those considered most essential and thus to abandon those who have not met with success. A "spring cleaning" engaged for several months now button One Pass, otherwise known as Pass Media in France.

Launched in February 2011, Media Pass was the payment platform for online news publishers. Pass Via Media, the publishers could sell subscriptions online, articles on the unit or packs magazine issues from their sites or mobile applications (Android). Google was receiving a commission of around 10% and how to compete with Apple's 30% commission.

Google provides, however, want to continue working with publishers on new tools, and partners with One Pass to fire a transition to other platforms including Google Consumer Surveys, polls service appeared at the end of last March.

Other deaths announced, the synchronization service for mobile called Google Sync for BlackBerry BlackBerry (end June 1, 2012). "We encourage you to switch to Internet Service (BIS) or Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server," says Google.

Also in the area of mobility, the mobile web version of Google Talk (instant messaging) closes in favor of the native application for Android Google Talk or other mobile applications compatible with the XMPP protocol.

In Linux-based version of Picasa WINE stops and no longer benefit from improvements with updates. At the same time, the tools Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac and Picasa Web Albums plugin for iPhoto no longer be available. Google directs users to Picasa for Mac 3.9 includes features of online iPhoto and import.

For some APIs, the depreciation policy (support) from three year to a year (Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Maps / Earth, YouTube). A time after which they will be updated or abandoned. Other changes are listed on the Google blog for developers.

Note also the end of Google Related, an experimental extension for Google Chrome to help find information on navigation.

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Nokia 808 Pureview (Pictures)

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 Pureview

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Huawei Ascend G300 (Pictures)

Huawei Ascend G300

Huawei Ascend G300 Huawei Ascend G300

Huawei Ascend G300

Huawei Ascend G300

Huawei Ascend G300

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Firefox 3.6 died yesterday

Firefox 3.6

Mozilla had said for many weeks, April 24, 2012 would mark the end of life for Firefox 3.6. This was the last branch of the famous Web browser to have a user interface before the major change brought with Firefox 4.0 which also initiated the rapid development cycle.

The latest release for Firefox 3.6 will be that of 13 March 2012 with a maintenance release 6.3.28. Now, there will be more security updates. "We strongly advise our users to upgrade to Firefox 3.6, since they will no longer receive updates for critical security," insists Mozilla.

Firefox 3.6 was launched in January 2010. According to statistics from StatCounter, it still has a global market share of almost 9%. Net Applications estimates it at around 3%.

Among other reminders, Mozilla Firefox also indicated that 13 out in June next, the minimum supported version of Windows will rise from Windows 2000 to Windows XP SP2. In other words, the oldest version of Windows will still support Windows XP with Service Pack 2.
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Microsoft Security Essentials Version 4.0

Proposed direct download or as a major update via Windows Update (for users already), version 4.0 of Microsoft Security Essentials is available after a beta phase started in November 2011.

MSE is the free antivirus and antimalware that Microsoft offers Windows users. And for once, yet many Windows XP users are not forgotten by the Redmond company.

Integrated with Windows 8, Windows Defender has been enhanced to provide the same level of protection as MSE. Another good news with version 4.0 of MSE is the confirmation that Microsoft will nevertheless continue to improve and provide MSE for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

As to what brings MSE 4.0 ... the user interface is simplified announced although in reality it was already quite simple. The service to automatically report SpyNet malware to Microsoft for MAPS is now called Microsoft Active Protection Service. A priori, it is just a name change.

Also known as minor bug fixes, MSE improves the cleaning mechanism with no user interaction required to high-risk infections. Another improvement in performance reported to reduce the impact of the solution on computer resources.
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Angry Birds Space available on Blackberry

Angry Birds

True global success, Angry Birds is as a simple game but devilishly addictive. Moreover, its availability on multiple platforms can reach a maximum of potential players. Rovio, the company behind the franchise, recently marketed Angry Birds Space, their new production which significantly alters the original gameplay.

Indeed, the software relies on the management of gravity, the projections will thus have a greater impact at the angle opposite to the planets, which can thus make some amazing chain reactions.

Available on PC (5.95 euros), Mac (3.99 euros), iPad (2.39 euros), iPhone (0.79 euros), and on platforms running Android system, the title is TODAY 'Today available on BlackBerry App World to 2.99 dollars.

Now, smartphones running Windows Phone are now the only ones not to have the app for Rovio, but this impasse has previously been explained by the development studio.
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Gmail goes to 10 GB and more


Google's webmail enhances the storage capacity of 7.5 GB which passes to 10 GB This is actually a minimum free for some 350 million Gmail users. The principle of the storage capacity is rampant in fact challenged by.

The minimum starting at 10 GB is announced as a gift to celebrate the launch of Google Drive. After years of rumors, Google has finally launched its virtual hard disk that had already taken shape, however with the changes in Google Docs.

Moreover, Google Drive merges with Google Docs, where the explanation of a storage space that had just gone to 5 GB for Google Docs. Google Drive, offering free basic starts at 5GB, while SkyDrive offers 7 GB

Big competition between Google and Microsoft as a few hours before the launch of Google Drive, SkyDrive has also evolved to offer client applications to facilitate the synchronization between different devices (Linux is an exception for both). On Windows, the procedure is similar with a folder that is found in the browser and access the service from the taskbar.
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Google Maps: 3D presentation of places

Google Maps

Street View is no longer sufficient to Google Maps. For more than 15 000 sites and monuments, Google offers a 3D tour obtained with pictures posted by users via services Picasa and Panoramio.

Following a selection of photos from one place overlapping computer systems have computed Google 3D scenes. A calculation of depth and transitions to give the impression of 3D and fly all around from one place viewed from several perspectives.

The result is to consult with MapsGL WebGL which is the version of Google Maps (see our news). Among the 15 000 places to visit in this way, the Eiffel Tower is no exception.

Once activated MapsGL (for configurations that support it), a search for "Eiffel Tower" leads into the left side panel on a tour in pictures that reveals the 3D scene.

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iPad: users are night owls


IPad users are objects of interest it is important to study, not only to understand their way of life, but to offer them solutions to their needs. A survey conducted by the company Bazaarvoice who, at the base, was not intended for owners of the Apple tablet in particular, has highlighted an unusual habit.

This study sought mainly to know the habits of online consumers. It turned out that the majority of Internet purchases between midnight and 5 am came from iPad tablet. If it makes you feel, users of iPhone and Android devices coming right behind you ...

IPad owners also spend more time on commerce sites. Apparently, you take your time to make the right choice ... We must also say that the signs will help you by offering you many dedicated applications and optimized for your preferred medium.

Another minor detail, this late night shopping, this time on the shelves, is the specialty of a male audience.
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Apple exceeded expectations with strong iPhone sales


The results Apple had raised some concerns. A palpable concern with the course from Apple that after a record 644 dollars reached in early April, suffered a serious cold snap (see our news).

By publishing the results of the second quarter of fiscal offset (ended March 31, 2012), it's Apple that gave a cold rumors and doubts. Results above analysts' expectations.

The firm at the apple announces a turnover of 39.2 billion. This month is the previous quarter but up 59% over the same period a year ago. Analysts had expected $ 36.9 billion. Net income was $ 11.6 billion against $ 6 billion a year ago, almost double.

Apple sold 35.1 million iPhone for an increase of 88% in one year. Yet it is mainly here that the concerns were highest. U.S. carriers AT & T and Verizon had noted a decline in the number of activations of smartphone. At Reuters, the chief financial officer of Apple said "iPhone sales abroad have exploded." The launch of the iPhone 4S in China should not be a stranger to this explosion.

For sales of iPad, Apple has passed 11.8 million tablets of its growth of 151% over the same period last year. This is somewhat less than the expectations of analysts at 12 million iPad.

Apple CEO Tim Cook considers that the new iPad launched in early March knows a promising start, and state "throughout the year, you'll see all sorts of innovations which only Apple is capable." This is especially the iPhone 5 which is expected to turn, probably next fall.

Note among other sales, 4 million Macs (+7% year ) and still 7.7 million iPods. For the player of Apple, continues to decline with 15% on a year
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iPhone 5: when the Home button takes the rumors

iPhone 5

Six months for the iPhone 4S and now he is already overshadowed by the next iPhone 5 rumors that continue to grow, especially on its components, their technical characteristics and its main differences with his predecessor. The most recent were particular state of the new In-Cell touch technology. Apple says nothing, which makes the game different sounds that feed on every detail, however important it may be.

Today, moreover, it comes from the famous and traditional home button, whose presence on the various iPhone models is a recurrence. The iPhone 5 could bring change dramatically by removing this component, thus passing the latest range of touch at all.

This not does not seem to take place since the last rumors about the subject states of the button production in Chinese factories. TVC Mail, reseller Chinese components, would produce not only the button, but in two colors, black and white. The images that identify it, if they prove true, show the slight change of design of the button, made ​​more oval. Fans will deduce conclusions that the iPhone will be declined in its two usual colors and overall design could be modified.

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Wallpaper: 3d animaux

Wallpaper: 3d animaux

3D Wallpaper (wall name : 3danimaux_004.jpg) :
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Wallpaper: Titanic 3D

Wallpaper: Titanic 3D
Titanic 3D

make right click "Set as background".
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