Microsoft Security Essentials Version 4.0

Proposed direct download or as a major update via Windows Update (for users already), version 4.0 of Microsoft Security Essentials is available after a beta phase started in November 2011.

MSE is the free antivirus and antimalware that Microsoft offers Windows users. And for once, yet many Windows XP users are not forgotten by the Redmond company.

Integrated with Windows 8, Windows Defender has been enhanced to provide the same level of protection as MSE. Another good news with version 4.0 of MSE is the confirmation that Microsoft will nevertheless continue to improve and provide MSE for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

As to what brings MSE 4.0 ... the user interface is simplified announced although in reality it was already quite simple. The service to automatically report SpyNet malware to Microsoft for MAPS is now called Microsoft Active Protection Service. A priori, it is just a name change.

Also known as minor bug fixes, MSE improves the cleaning mechanism with no user interaction required to high-risk infections. Another improvement in performance reported to reduce the impact of the solution on computer resources.
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