5 tips for advertising on Adsense

5 tips for advertising on Adsense

Large and small advertisers use largely sponsored links. But they are often limited to results on search engines neglecting the network of partner sites, like Google Adsense. What is this network? How to optimize their campaigns? The five-point answers.

1. Do not confuse AdSense and AdWords

In terms of Google sponsored links, many advertisers know that engine results pages. Others think that the network of partner sites (AdSense) is not an extension of these results pages. There must be a mistake.

To publish their ads on this network requires a separate discussion. "Never turn one campaign" content "(AdSense sites) and" search "(on the search engine)," says Yohann Dupasquier, associate director of the agency Keyline. Why? First "because there is no control on the budget invested in research and adsense. Better to create a separate campaign with its own budget," says Olivier Mosca, Director of Search Marketing 's NetBooster agency.

Then, because it is against-productive to duplicate research cruises on the network of sites. A common mistake made by advertisers who ignore the behavior of Internet users. Those who see ads on a website have not taken the step of searching for a product or service, as on an engine, but potentially have an interest.

An advertiser's ads plate "engine" on partner sites therefore obtained lower click rates. Especially since the "quality score", that is to say, the relevance of an ad as measured by Google, suffers, then the announcement that may not be well placed.

In planning his campaign on the AdSense network, the advertiser should use auction separate from the "search". Because the costs per click are lower due to fewer advertisers.

2. How to choose keywords

Meanwhile behavioral targeting based on browsing history of users, that Google just announced and will gradually be offered, two targeting systems exist: by content and location.

For content, the advertiser defines the keywords that the algorithm Google uses to select sites where the ads appear. Yohann Dupasquier advises limiting the number of keywords between 5 and 15.

But beware, it is important to build their groups by thematic keywords. "AdSense does not work by similarity of keywords, but by extraction under the overall theme," said Olivier Mosca.

Unlike keywords for sponsored links intended to appear in the pages of search engine results, it is not useful to capture every nuance of a word or phrase, especially with spelling errors. The advertiser does not have to put in place of the user on this point.

As for the "search", Google allows you to exclude certain keywords. This feature is very useful on the content network, to avoid publicity that is associated with inappropriate content. "An airline has such an interest to exclude the term 'plane crash' not to appear next to an article about a plane crash," advises Yohann Dupasquier.

3. Enjoy the site targeting

The advertiser may also target the dissemination of their ads by location. Two types of selection available to them. On the one hand according to the categories of sites (eg "finance / insurance") and then by subcategories. On the other hand, directly by sites and even sites pages.

Select by category is less tedious than site by site, but the ideal is still possible to refine the targeting. As for keywords, the advertiser can exclude specific sites. Those who sell such items or those competitors whose quality porrrait tarnish a brand.

Moreover, Yohann Dupasquier advises sellers of niche products to seek media sites "by hand", for greater efficiency and control costs.

A good solution is to couple the category targeting with that keyword. "This is useful for large media sites that have several subcategories. Because it avoids being broadcast on all of these categories (eg, a product for men released in the women)" says Olivier Mosca.

Google puts measurement tools available to identify and exclude sites that are less successful than others.

4. The network, in addition to the engine

Advertise on the AdSense network needs to take into account some specificities. But it is also very complementary to the sponsored links on search engine. "This is a marketing offer, while research is a marketing application," says Yohann Dupasquier.

Complementarity in the buying cycle attractive for an advertiser. For an AdSense campaign can trigger a desire in a surfer, which later may seek the product on a search engine.

A study by Atlas Institute, a campaign associate on the partner network campaign with a "search" increases by 22% conversion rates.

AdSense allows campaigns so well known to relatively low prices. Interesting to launch a small player. All network sites reach a coverage of 79% in France, according to Google. But the advertiser may also use this network to run more campaigns "on permformance", choosing a pricing per click (CPC) or per action (CPA), and non-CPM (cost per thousand displays).

How to allocate its budget between the engine and the network? Yohann Dupasquier advises a 70/30 split, with a standard more favorable to the "search" for merchants online pure players

5. Adapting ads

The user sees an advertisement on a site has not shown a specific interest in the product in question, unlike that by searching on an engine. Therefore his attention more strongly.

For this, the advertiser must create demand. "The grip is important and will work better with a twist or interrogative while being descriptive," says Yohann Dupasquier. Alternatively, announce a promotion of limited duration and question Internet users to take advantage.

The choice of places ads uses the same rules as for banners. Most visible at the top of pages, preferably on the right. The ideal is to appear as close to the content. As for formats, Google accepts advertising "text", but also in the form of banners and videos.

To optimize its campaigns, the anonceur will systematically test several models of banners and text ads. Be careful though to ensure that the sites referred to accept the chosen format. For campaigns with keywords, Olivier Mosca advised to focus on the text, more widely accepted.

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