LiquidMetal shell for the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5
If you are allergic to rumors and if you leave the iPhone 5 as cold as the floor of my bathroom, then sure, you had better go your way. So basically, if you keep reading this article, it is at your own risk. Of course, it'll take all that follows with tweezers but anyone expecting the iPhone 5 from last year will probably be interested to learn that the next mobile cabbage may abandon in favor of a glass shell LiquidMetal. Information that comes straight from the Korea IT News.

Mobile users are increasingly demanding and they no longer look only specifications of a smartphone to make their choice. No, what counts as much in their eyes, these are the ecosystems on the market, of course, but also the materials used by manufacturers. And in the matter, except the iPhone 4 / 4S and Lumia, we can not say that they really do show originality.

However, this could change very quickly. The Galaxy S3, for starters, could provide a ceramic shell. This is certainly indicated by the recent rumors dated and although not until May 3 to confirm this, this idea still remains very attractive. For its part, Apple does indeed count not stop there and it might as well enjoy the redemption of Liquidmetal Technologies for LiquidMetal from a hull to give a little more cachet to its iPhone 5. Obviously, this is not the first time we hear about an iPhone to look metallic, but it would ultimately be a very wise choice since the glass material is rather fragile.

Oh, and since there is always aware that according to the Korea IT News, the new iPhone could be presented by Cupertino as early as next June at WWDC to be held in San Francisco. That said, you will notice that this really is not guaranteed as other sources suggest that Apple may finally expect the September / October to formalize the iPhone 5. Mind you, on that, everyone is not in agreement.

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