Spam World: India dethrones the U.S.

Spam World

This is a first in the ranking published by Sophos Dirty Dozen. Among the spam-relaying countries, the United States are no longer in the lead. Between January and March 2012, the country of Uncle Sam is beaten by India.

"If you have spam in your inbox, there are nearly one chance in ten that has been relayed by a computer in India," insists Sophos. An inglorious title which is closely related to the number of computers in a country that is part of a botnet, and thus infected.

With 9.3% of all spam relayed around the world, India is ahead of the United States for which this rate is 8.3%. The third place is occupied by South Korea (5.7%), a country highly connected and very high speed.

Note that France is not included in the ranking of the twelve Sophos. Another notable absence, that of China.

For the British publisher of security solutions, the good news is that spam has decreased worldwide. However, if the spam target marketing has decreased, the malicious spam (containing malware or phishing, for example) has increased. In addition, spam has changed shape. From traditional spam via email, he turned to social networks.

Spam World

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