Sergey Brin talking about threats to the Web, Facebook and Apple attack

Sergey Brin did not mince words. In an interview published April 15, 2012 by The Guardian, Google co-founder says that the founding principles of the Net - opening up the network and universal access - are in grave danger. Because their enemies do, he said, never been so many.

Enemies who, for some, mingle strangely with the main competitors of Google! "There are powerful forces that are linked against the Internet open on all sides, everywhere," said Sergey Brin, great newspaper. "I am more worried than before, it's scary "

The demonstration of Sergey Brin starts with a review of countries that restrict or censor web access. He is obviously concerned the situation of censorship in China, with whom Google has been in trouble two years ago, but also in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

More surprisingly, Sergey Brin also seen in two of his most famous rivals, Apple and Facebook, other Web threats against free and open. According to the Guardian, he "warned against the rise of Facebook and Apple, who have their own proprietary platforms, control access to their users and may stifle innovation and balkanize the Web. "And then summed up his position by explaining that there was" much to lose. For example, all the information in applications: the data are not recoverable by spiders: you can not get them. "It is well understood here that if this poses perhaps a philosophical problem with Sergey Brin, there is also an economic issue behind. For it is precisely the research - and thus opening the web - as Google gets most of its revenue!

If Sergey Brin has little Apple raised the case during the interview, he has stressed, however, on Facebook, explaining that he and Larry Page "could not create the Internet if Google had been dominated by Facebook. "And said that" you must play by their rules, which are very restrictive. "He also returned to the" war of contacts "that pitted Google to Facebook criticizing the fact that the social network makes it difficult for users to pass data to another service. While at the same time "Facebook has sucked Gmail contacts for years. "

Last enemies of the Web challenged by Sergey Brin: the industrial culture, which he said "guys have a shot in the foot" by lobbying for that to be blocked sites offering pirated content. They also criticized their media laws and Sopa Pipa and DRM that continue to annoy users of legal content, "I have not tried for a long time but when you go on a pirate site, you choose what you want, c is downloaded to the device of your choice and it works. At the same time you must go through all these steps to buy legitimate content ... These walls created demotivate people who want to buy, "he pleaded.

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