Intel: two new Celeron

Based microarchitecture Sandy Bridge 32 nm, which was introduced in 2011 and soon to be replaced by a new micro-architecture Ivy Bridge 22 nanometers, these two processors meet the names of Celeron and Celeron B730 B820.

The first is a simple heart 1.8 GHz, with unique L3 cache and 1.5 MB of graphics solution equipped with Intel HD 650/1 000 MHz - Turbo mode. Its TDP is 35 Watts.

The second carries two hearts with a frequency of 1.7 GHz and an L3 cache of 2 MB and part video Intel HD 650/1050 MHz - Turbo mode again. TDP also reached the 35 Watts.

Their introduction is planned in the third quarter of 2012. Their tariffs has not been the subject of a communication for now. As a guide, Celeron models B720 and B815 Celeron, unveiled last January and positioned just below, respectively, were announced at $ 70 and $ 86.

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