Gmail goes to 10 GB and more


Google's webmail enhances the storage capacity of 7.5 GB which passes to 10 GB This is actually a minimum free for some 350 million Gmail users. The principle of the storage capacity is rampant in fact challenged by.

The minimum starting at 10 GB is announced as a gift to celebrate the launch of Google Drive. After years of rumors, Google has finally launched its virtual hard disk that had already taken shape, however with the changes in Google Docs.

Moreover, Google Drive merges with Google Docs, where the explanation of a storage space that had just gone to 5 GB for Google Docs. Google Drive, offering free basic starts at 5GB, while SkyDrive offers 7 GB

Big competition between Google and Microsoft as a few hours before the launch of Google Drive, SkyDrive has also evolved to offer client applications to facilitate the synchronization between different devices (Linux is an exception for both). On Windows, the procedure is similar with a folder that is found in the browser and access the service from the taskbar.
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