Best Cloud Photo Storage Services

People share photos on the Web and more precisely on Facebook. But Facebook isn't a right place to share photos, I mean like it has a lot less functionality than any other matured Website totally dedicated to photo sharing. This post will help you to choose your Cloud storage wisely. Obviously there are more professional tools to edit your photos along with a ton of special effects tooThere are 5 most popular Services which are Flickr, Photobucket, Snapfish, Shutterfly and Picasa. Let's get in-detail into them.

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How to Remove Facebook Friends Fast

How many of your Facebook friends are actually friends? Or maybe a better question is how many of your Facebook friends do you actually still want? When you add someone, you're allowing them access to your information on any level. Even though Facebook provides friend groups to help you better-manage which information is shown to whom, when your friend list is in the thousands it's easy to miss who has access and who doesn't. If you've been feeling overwhelmed by the number of people you've agreed to connect with on the social network, it's time for a little pruning.
The easiest option is to just make regular posts for a couple of weeks about how you're pruning your friends and ask that everyone who wants to stay on as one of your friends should send you a message. After the two week period is up, make a list of all people who responded. Keep them and delete the rest. If you've got a bunch of friends, this can take a while if you do it manually. Alternatively, check out this GreaseMonkey script called FacebookDeletes. It can help you delete batches of people and save a bunch of time.
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Google Voice vs Siri, Who is better

google voice is better
siri vs google voice
With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Google directly aims at Apples Virtual Assistant, by bringing their own version of Siri (Sort of) known as Google Voice. It has an ability to search and find information, about anything just by tapping and asking.
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TranscriptPad: Of Bricks and Hammers

If you’re in need of a quick and easy method of reviewing depos, running searches, assigning issue codes, adding notes and marking designations with your iPad, Lit Software, makers of the popular TrialPad app, have another nice app for you. In addition to managing the transcripts, TranscriptPad allows you to import related depo exhibits, so you can take a look at them as well. “You can drive in a nail with a brick, but a hammer will do a much better job” according to Ian O’Flaherty, Managing Partner at Lit Software, LLC.

One thing Lit Software has figured out is how to make it easy for the first-time user. Sample case data and an excellent Help system (including an iBook and online tutorials) will get you up to speed in no time. First released in January 2012, TranscriptPad is now in version 1.5.5, and sells for $49.95 on iTunes. While it’s not at the bottom end of the pricing scale, the applications it is intended to replace sell for much more – and often with a required annual maintenance renewal fee.

There are several options for reading transcripts. While a full set of features is available along with the transcript in landscape mode, rotating the iPad to portrait mode shows only the page, thus filling the entire screen, making it easy to read. You may still bring up the tool options if desired.

Navigating through the transcript is possible by flipping through the pages, using the page up or page down arrows, or dragging the slider, which then also shows where you are in the transcript.

Additionally, you can “play” the transcript, scrolling along at the speed you select. This works great, as long as you don’t have too many distractions to deal with. You might also be able to use this feature to practice your speed-reading.

Another great feature is the ability to view the associated document exhibits, which are imported to the case folders just like transcripts. This means you don’t have to open another app for this, or have yet another collection of documents to do so. You cannot annotate the exhibits, however. This would be a nice feature to add.

TranscriptPad features an efficient simple search tool, which can be set to search the active transcript, or the entire case. If you’re searching for a number, it won’t bring up every page or line number either, which is a nice touch. Although complex or Boolean searches are not supported, you can do literal strings of two or more words, and it will capture only the entire string – not every time each word shows up separately. This too, is a good feature. It will also catch a word within a word, such as the singular form of “exhibit” found within the word “exhibits.”

You may want to use your search results to assign an issue code to all of your hits. This is easily done once you have the search results, by selecting the icon in the lower left corner and assigning a new issue code. You cannot assign an existing code to your search results.

When you are reviewing a set of search results, the up and down page navigation arrows on the right side of the transcript jump to the next hit, rather than the next page. You may also jump to any hit by clicking it in the results display.

Choosing from six available colors, and assigning any number of issue codes, you are able to dissect your transcript into topics, which can then easily be reviewed, saved and shared. You can also choose to apply highlighting or underline your selection, although these are not associated with issue codes. It does allow you to share part of your work, without showing all of your work-product, however. Many of the features in this app might seem limited, but if you think them through, there seems to be a great deal of consideration given to the legal process and sharing just a part of what you’ve done – whether for your client, trial team, the Court, or even opposing counsel.

You can also add notes to a selection you have flagged, although you’re restricted to 140 characters, like Twitter. That should be enough for a brief note in most cases, however.

As I mentioned above, once you’ve annotated and issue-coded, you have several options as to what to do with your work.  You can select all of your issue codes, or just the ones you want. You can also choose to save a highlighted PDF version of your transcript, and you can even save the ASCII text file (not annotated). You can also choose a report version that includes only the selected issue codes, and not the entire transcript.

Issue codes appear as plain text with a colored stripe on the left, while highlighting and underlining are actually applied to the text.

Now if your case has outgrown the iPad, and something like TrialDirector or Sanction will be used, you also have the ability to export any set of issue codes as a clip script. This allows you to easily import all of your designations into your trial presentation software, and then edit them for playback in court. While you don’t have the option to choose which ones you  export, the resulting report groups them for you and identifies which issue(s) they belong to. Just make sure your transcripts are named identically, or you may use the text of the resulting report in a copy/paste manner.

TranscriptPad could use a few improvements. While the search is quick and simple, not having the ability to form complex searches is a fairly significant limitation – at least when comparing with the computer-based applications. Other issues I identified during my review process include the import dialog process, which doesn’t offer any way of previewing your transcript or verifying that the date and other information are correct. I would highly recommend checking the file either before or immediately after importing to make sure everything was captured correctly (i.e., name, date, page numbering, volume, etc.). Page numbers were captured correctly when importing later volumes of a depo. Although the first page did show as page one in my test, all the rest were correctly identified (in my test Volume 3, beginning with page 367).

With TrialPad’s ability to export to TrialDirector, I would also love to see it import a clip file from TrialDirector, completing the link between the two programs. This feature could also be extended to exporting and importing between two iPads.

Another item I’d like to see would be the ability to limit your highlighting and underline to a partial line. This can be very helpful when preparing designations. You cannot simply copy and paste the transcript text, although you can designate the desired lines and then send it to email, and work with it from there.
Overall, TrialPad is an excellent app, and can make dealing with depos and designations a quick and easy task – especially those times when you’d rather whip out the iPad than work on your computer or laptop. Compared to apps which simply view files, this is indeed a hammer, rather than a brick. With apps like this, the iPad really is becoming a productive tool.

And finally, am I the only one who noticed that the firm identified in the sample transcripts is Richard and Cranium? Some of you may have to think about this one for a bit…

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Apple iPhone's 5th Anniversary on 29 June: The Phone that Changed the World

Not every company has a success story like this. A revolutionary product that changes everything, which makes your company most desirable in the world. iPhone is such a revolutionary mobile. The exponential growth in the number of mobile phones in the world was started in 2007, the very year in which iPhone was Launched.
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NBC Online Olympics 2012 Coverage

“The decision was made because we think that as times have changed that there is a sense to satisfy all people and with using technology,” Lazarus said. “The ability to provide live streams of every event is one that we now have, and we believe will work.”
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Instagram Redesigns its Website

This has been the most Fundamental change we have seen since Facebook Acquired Instagram. They have redesigned the web view allowing Users to directly Comment and Like photos in the Browser, making it more interactive than ever before.
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Firefox for Android returns with a new look

It has been a year, that Mozilla hasn't updated Firefox for Android Devices. They have come up with a totally new look with it. It also adds Flash support and faster loading of Web pages. The company said 
"In the fall of last year, we realized [the original Firefox for Android] was not good enough, not performing the way we wanted it to," Johnathan Nightingale, Mozilla's director of Firefox engineering, explained over the phone yesterday. "So we made the call in October to rewrite it."
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Nexus 7 vs. Nook tablet vs. Kindle Fire : Fight For best $199 Tablet

Nexus 7 was shown off by Google yesterday, with some mind boggling specs. With the same price tag of $199 it directly takes on, on kindle fire and Nook tablet. It's a $199 vs $199 vs $199 fight, let's see who takes it all. 
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Google Unveils first Jelly Bean Tablet known as Nexus 7

Google wraps off their first Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Tablet today. It's an Asus build featuring a 7" screen with a whopping resolution of 1280 X 800. It has a quad core processor made by Nvdia also known as Tegra 3. Google claims a 10 hour battery life for reading and 8 hour battery life for watching HD videos. Nexus 7 boosts a full HD (720p) screen, so everything you see is crisp clear. 

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Android 4.1 Jelly Beans have a Siri like Competitor

This month is full of Operating System updates. Apple kicked off this month with announcing iOS 6 at WWDC and following that Microsoft Presented Windows phone 8 and finally at Google I/O next Android version 4.1 Jelly Beans was shown off.
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Sprint will launch LTE on 15th July in Five Cities

Sprint was made iPhone-selling partner last year when iPhone 4S was released. Sprint was not made the Selling carrier for the 3rd generation iPad, and this move made a sense for Sprint, as they didn't have an LTE network then. But as the iPhone's release date is approaching near, Sprint has opened up its wild card by announcing fourth generation of network aka LTE network.

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+1 : a button made ​​more talkative

+1 button Google can recommend content on the Web. Thus, when a user performs a Google search on the engine, he can see the content recommended by his contacts. Sharing is also done in conjunction with Google +.

Present on many websites, this one button will evolve. When flying over the button, users will see displayed a list of recommended contents. These recommendations will still refer to pages on the same domain or subdomain as a button.

Google gives the example of a user who visits the Chrome Web Store and look at a button on the Gmail app. He then saw suggestions for other applications like Offline Gmail, Google Calendar and Picasa.

This new feature (available in Google's new overview +) will be deployed for websites in the coming weeks. Administrators who already use a button on their sites will have to change anything.
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Google Chrome in version 20

Google Chrome in version 20

Unless a hidden surprise in view of the Google I / O,  this version  20  of Google Chrome does not allow us to expect any novelty. A new version of "major", which is therefore akin to a maintenance release.

Still, security fixes are made ​​relatively large with a score of vulnerabilities addressed. None of them however, is credited with the critical level of dangerousness.

Several flaws were brought to the attention of Google by security researchers thirds. Google has paid some of them for their finds, totaling the sum of 11,500 dollars spent.

Special mention for Jüri Aedla, rewarded to the tune of 3,000 dollars for a specific flaw in the Linux 64-bit environment that will however beyond Chrome (integer overflows in libxml). He also also received $ 1 000 for another vulnerability that integer overflow in the Matroska video container.

For more fun with Google Chrome the simple security fixes, we will turn to the association with Lego to celebrate 50 years of brick with studs in Australia. A dedicated application leverages the capabilities of the browser which support WebGL (Web 3D)

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Patent wars: Apple may block sales of Galaxy Tab

Patent wars: Apple may block sales of Galaxy Tab

By dint of perseverance (and a touch of stubbornness), Apple finally gets what he could not claim a few months ago: an injunction against the distribution of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the North American market.

The reasons are always the same, namely a charge of patent infringement and copying of design, and Judge Lucy Koh, has finally responded to this new query group in Cupertino, also in charge of the merits of the case whose trial will take place in late July.

If the injunction applies only to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, while Samsung has a range of tablets from the same family, the Korean group will have at least temporarily discontinue distribution in the United States.

The favorable decision obtained by Apple is an emergency measure upstream of the trial that he must decide between two companies in conflict, but the judge explained his decision by stating that if the presence of Samsung in the market is legitimate, the group Korean is not that flood the market with products in violation of intellectual property.

The latter expressed disappointment with the decision but remember that it affects only one of his tablets (which remains available in the world) and the other Galaxy Tab are distributed in the United States.

And since this is an interim measure prior to treatment of the case, Judge Lucy Koh requires Apple to set aside $ 2.6 million that the group should pay in damages to Samsung if he would lose his upcoming trial.
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Huawei Ascend D quad: Production delayed until August?

Huawei Ascend D quad: Production delayed until August?
At the MWC 2012 in Barcelona early March, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei wanted to hit hard by announcing its own ARM processor K3V2 quadcore. Accompanying this announcement, he unveiled the smartphone Ascend D quad.

This smartphone, which must be placed in products quadcore market (Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC X One, Optimus 4X HD ...), was expected in the second quarter of 2012. However, it appears that its production has been delayed and it will not start before August 2012.

 This at least suggests that a review of the head of the consumer division of Huawei on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. There would be technical problems on the famous K3V2 processor, which the manufacturer has not given many details.

To recap, the Huawei Ascend D is a smartphone with quad screen 4.5 "with resolution 1280 x 720 pixels with 8 megapixel camera on the back, capable of recording 1080p video and 1.3 megapixel camera with a front.

It embeds the quadcore processor K3V2 and measures only 8.9 mm thick, while the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and with variations intended (high capacity battery, dual core model).

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Google X: a neural network identifies ... cats

The laboratory X Google recently made about him for his project car without a driver or augmented reality glasses. Researchers are also working on a project simulation of the human brain.

Scientists have managed to create a vast artificial neural network by connecting 16 000 computer processors. It was released on the Internet to learn by himself.

Faced with digital images from ten million YouTube videos, Google made ​​in the brain was able to recognize one of the effigies of the Net ... the cat. Vignettes that were randomly selected.

Learning that may seem absurd, but according to an article in The New York Times, the researchers were surprised by the performance of the artificial brain that has doubled its rate of accuracy in identifying objects from a list of 20 000 items.

Education is that the neural network software created by researchers tends to prove theories in biology by which each neuron is driven inside the brain to identify specific objects.

"We never told during training, it is a cat," said Jeff Dean, Google Fellow. "He invented the concept of chat." Scientists believe they have developed what amounts to a cousin of cyber what is happening in the visual cortex of the brain.
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Facebook requires their email address

Facebook requires their email address

Facebook has lacked tact and has probably not been very inspired to carry on the sly to a change that reacted number of its users.

In 2010, Facebook launched its own email system (Facebook messages) and made ​​available to users of

Supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail, this email is intended to unify communications by bringing together in one place in mail, messages, IM, Facebook.

Since then, Facebook messages does not have much of talk until he was forced last week without any notification to the user.

Surprise indeed, it is now the that are configured for the default profile and contact information. Again, Facebook has sinned by lack of transparency vis-à-vis its users.

To justify himself, said that Facebook was not his intention to push users to the but they use "what is the easiest for them." In addition, Facebook says that this change was announced last April.

An ad that was not very clear: "from today, we update the addresses on Facebook for more consistency across our site. Addresses that people use to access your Journal and send you an email on Facebook will be the same. "

For those that change mind, simply go to the page of his profile and make a change in the coordinates (via Update my info).
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What to expect from Google I/O

Google's Annual developers conference starts tomorrow, and it will surely be packed with a lot of stuff like new Android, Nexus tablet, Google TV and more.

Google I/O starts with a keynote at 9:30 am PT tomorrow. 

So what are we expecting from it.

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How to keep you Mac safer from Viruses and other Malware

Malware's are all around, and no one seems safe today. Apple showed off mountain lion and also pulled "Don't get PC viruses" banner from their Website. What does it mean to us? Does it mean Mac Users are no longer immune to Viruses and other malware.

This is a fact that no operating system is completely protected from Internet Malware's. Last year 2 malware hit the Mac User majorly, including the infamous FlashBack Trojan. Since Apple is growing market share steadily, therefore hackers are centering their focus on Macs. And to keep your Mac safe from Malware's you should take some steps:

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Cyanogen Mod 9 released and brings Ice Cream Sandwich like Interface

The most popular ROM for Android has just upgraded to 9th version, giving many cool new features to many Android Devices. They majorly included Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich features and a lot more customization options. 

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The linkbaiting, to improve the natural links

The linkbaiting is a set of techniques to encourage readers to a web site to create a natural link (backlink) from their own website, their blog or their account platform tagigng towards the site in question .

This allows in theory to complement the investment made ​​on SEO in terms of purchasing keywords, working the site's popularity by creating buzz, for example.

What practices for linkbaiting?

We must publish rich content, content that is not copied or copied from another website. It also requires that the published content is understandable by the reader as by the search engines. But the technique is based on linkbaiting the reader who, because he is content rich, going to the link.

The rich content can occur in different forms and varied. Publish a podcast, video, interviews, awards for players, specific tools, but also online games and forums are effective ways to create linkbaiting.

The fact of publishing forums outside contributors or experts may also be a way to interest your readership and promote the establishment of links. Other experts recommend finally the publication of lists on specific topics. This procedure conscript content to an easily remembered and characterizable by the reader, encouraging him to create a link towards the content.

But cause links also requires pro-active approach in terms of visibility of its content on platforms tagging known and recognized., Digg, or Fuzz Scoopeo in France can help to SEO by Internet, to prime the pump with links somehow.

The linkbaiting for the pros, an option?

This technique is not only about the non-commercial sites. It is possible in the case of online stores for example to publish quality content that focuses on products, on-site sales, on the opinions of Internet users, on a brief informative appreciation would encourage someone to put a link , to recommend a page.

In addition, some SEO experts suggest using the linkbaiting with a view to optimizing websites for sticking to the concept of long tail (long tail). The idea is to multiply the keywords found on a web page so that its referencing is also improving on terms that are not central to the theme of the page.

For example, a site that offers rentals of hotel rooms will improve its rankings and its referencing of queries relating to research on restaurants, transportation ticket purchases, the proposed cultural offerings in a particular region.

The linkbaiting, a controversial concept

In fact, Web professionals share on the issue of linkbaiting between those who see this as a technique in itself, and those who find no real difference between this way of working and best practices of writing that exist on the Internet long time. Clearly, the linkbaiting is it a pure marketing term designed to sell an additional service but lacks any innovation, or is it truly a revolutionary concept?

Moreover, the idea of ​​publishing content with the primary purpose of causing links to enhance the reputation and the listing of a site can lead to inefficiencies in time, even fraudulent.

Thus, in May 2008, a false crispy news was relayed by several U.S. sites in order to generate natural links to them. Google, having discovered the deception, warned that it could in future punish this act of linkbaiting, as well as spammers.
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Sony: No final plan for Resistance

If the month of May, the series of FPS Resistance welcomed a new episode of Vita, it is unclear whether another album will come soon. Indeed, in an interview published on the Official Playstation Magazine English producer Daniel Brooke, Sony Europe said of things:

"It was exciting to work on Resistance franchise, but we have no definitive plan for the future."

Briefly, after the commercial failure of Resistance 3 on PS3 and the critical failure of the episode on Vita, it seems that Sony does not know yet what to do most of his iconic series. But even when we imagine that this franchise will resurface in the future.
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An update 4.20 for PS3

Today, the PlayStation 3 will receive an update for its software, stamped 4.20. Players will download will have the right to some small changes dramatically as a new standby. Indeed, the console will now default to standby after one hour of inactivity, which can be changed in the console options. Secondly, we will now have the opportunity to hear his voice in his helmet during multiplayer, using a wireless stereo headset. Similarly, it is also possible to disable this feature. There is also a surround sound when playing DVD or blu-ray through a wireless stereo headset. Backup management has also changed with this update. The details of this update can be found on the PlayStation Blog French when it will be accessible and downloadable in the course of the day.
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TOP 19 free SEO Plugins for Wordpress

Here is a list of essential SEO plugins for Wordpress:

1> All in One SEO Pack

Not the best SEO plugin, but certainly the most stable and most followed and updated in light of its popularity: I passed by laziness but it makes me well and now I have nothing to complain: It also automatically manages the rel = cannonical (headspace2 is useful in some cases but I prefer the side effectively ALL In One)

2>-BreadCrumb NavXT

A plugin that adds a kind of Ariadne's thread, a must for those keen on usability and accessibility, but it provides a clearer regarding internal linking, check before the plugin compatibility with your version of Wordpress: it is installed on this blog and you can see it in action in the client permalink of any ticket.

3> WP Page Navi

a plugin that changes the pagination of your blog and contributes to a better mesh of your blog internally.

4> Google Analyticator

A simple plugin to add Google Analytics code to your site without worrying about changing themes Wordpress example.

5> W3 Total Cache

an essential plugin for high traffic sites but also for others to gain precious seconds to load.

6> Redirection

A plugin to manage your redirects (301, etc. ..): helpful when changing permalinks or that you change your url to a post in particular, it also outlines the type errors 404: attention anyway to tables used to trace redirects that are not super optimized (older versions).

7> WP Stats

While GG analytics is my preference for client sites, I remains committed to this little Wordpress plugin developed by which can quickly see from the dashboard stats of the day without going any further.

8> Broken Link Checker

Dead links are bad for SEO, Google Webmaster tools never forget to remind us but with this plugin, it allows you to look after yourself to check broken links or dead from your own site. (Note also the induced charge by the plugin: not recommended in hosting infrastructures types pooled)

9> Feedburner Feedsmith

I use Feedburner for some years, and this plugin takes into account all types of redirection (RSS, Atom, etc. ..) to your Feedburner account: purists prefer the manual method.

10> Google XML Sitemaps

Generate a Sitemap for your site automatically, simply a must in 2011, for the multi site or large content sites prefer the plugin WP Better Google XML Sitemaps

11> Yet AnotherRelated Posts

A plugin that offers tickets related by content, tags, category improving the mesh inside your template and lowering the bounce rate of your site.

12> SEO Friendly Images

A plugin a little misunderstood and is useful: it allows you to make your images more seo friendly including the fact inform the ALT attribute that most forget.

13> Insights

This plugin allows you to search for internal or external links while writing tickets to enrich your ticket without leaving the editor (youtube Video, Internal Links, Google Maps, etc. ..). I discovered this plugin thanks to our friend Dievochka

14> View Posts PageRank

An excellent plugin that gives you the PageRank of your tickets from the admin interface of Wordpress, allowing better management of PR sculpting. (The developer has removed the plugin: if anyone has yet, thank you for the provide comment in the ticket)

15> SEO Smart Links

I'm not very keen plugins automation automated linking but this plugin may be useful in some projects "automated"

16> TweetMeme

Not really SEO, but this plugin will help your visitors share your notes on Twitter: Twitter sharing prefer to that of TweetMeme which indexes your tickets and you can compete on SERPs.Limite if you can, use the code directly sharing Twitter.

17> SEO Rank Reporter

A small plugin that tracks your position in the SERPs as keywords informed, was used only for personal, professional follow a true, prefer tools like Yooda.

18> Max A / B

A plugin ideal for testing the effectiveness of your changes on conversions, especially in landingPages.

19> Minify

known for some time that the loading time is a new indicator of relevance in SEO, this little plugin allows you to compress and group calls types javascripts and CSS

In conclusion

19 These plugins are not installed at the same time, but you must draw according to his needs: only ALL In One SEO Pack, SEO Friendly Images and Google XML Sitemaps are actually systematically to install.

And you, what other plugins do you use to improve your SEO wordpress?
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Facebook quietly changes your email address to

Facebook removed everyone's email address and rather added to everyone Timeline. Forbes yesterday noticed that Facebook is quietly hiding everyone's email address and rather added their Username followed by "". Luckily you can quickly fix this up

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Apple builds the best hardware

Some geeky fellow will build their own machine, while some will upgrade their computer (like RAM) through some computer experts but many of them will just Buy the whole machine (through some company like DELL, LENOVO etc.) and will never bother to upgrade it. People don't dare to void their precious Warranty by hindering their much precious machine. Now here comes the first hurdle to find the perfect hardware as people don't want to upgrade after buying. Companies like Dell, Lenovo, Acer keep their products overpriced. I do know Apple also does, but what they make really cost that much (But they still make huge profit).

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Get more visitors to your blog / sites

When you write a blog you obviously want as many visitors as possible. There are many ways to get more traffic. Most of them are also very simple. In fact, here are 5 easy tips to get more visitors to your blog.

Write articles

The first good advice to get more visitors to your blog is to write articles. You should write articles that have value for your readers. Put popular keywords in your articles and then place a link to your blog at the end of the article in the signature box. This will bring traffic to your articles and it will also bring inbound links (backlinks) to help your blog rank better in search engines.

Make videos

The second council to have more visitors to your blog is to make videos from almost every one of your posts. You can easily create and post a video on YouTube. This will give you twice as much content on the web, and video, no matter how simple they may be, are always watched. Put a link to your blog in your bio on YouTube.

Use the pages of social networks

You should also use social networking pages to help you get more readers to your blog. This includes sites like FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter. Create a page and put some content of value. You should include a link to your blog on every page you create.

Use the forums

Another good way to get more visitors to your blog is to use the forums. Register on the forums that are in the same niche that your blog. Then write frequently posts quality of these forums. Put a link to your blog in your signature on the forum and you'll get more readers.

Bookmarkez all

Finally, another good way to get more visitors to your website is to bookmark all. Each content you put on the Internet should be bookmarked with major social bookmarking sites online. This will bring visitors directly from these sites, but it will also bring more back links (backlinks), which will improve your ranking in search engines.

There you have five good tips to get more visitors to your blog. You must write articles, make videos, use social networking pages, use the forums and you must bookmark. If you do these 5 things then you will have more people to read your blog and your blog will be more successful.
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3 social networking sites that you would do well to use!

The social networking sites are an important part of the Internet. If you want to get people's attention then you should definitely use social networking sites. Millions of people use social networking sites every day. This means you can capture the attention of millions of people at once if you correctly use social networking sites. 3 of social networking sites are the most popular Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Although Facebook has only a few years he has really grown the last few years. Facebook began as a response of students to MySpace. However, Facebook is now accepting everyone. But it is much more powerful and more popular than MySpace. If you are on the Internet then you would do well to use Facebook.

Another social networking site popular you would do well to use is Twitter. You've probably heard of this site. It allows you to write very short "tweets" about what you do or think. Although there are debates on the future of Twitter, which can not be discussed is the current popularity of Twitter. Then, use Twitter to market your business or just for fun.

The last of the three social networking sites that you would do well to use is YouTube. YouTube is incredibly popular and it will not go away. People love watching videos and that YouTube allows them to do. You can also easily create a video. This is actually a cost-effective way to market your business.

3 social networking sites you should use are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There are many excellent networking sites online, but those 3 are among the best. If you have an online business then you must use these three social networking sites.
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The basics of SEO

If you start in internet marketing then you have probably heard the term "SEO" used quite often. Maybe you have an idea of ​​what SEO or maybe you do not know at all what it is. Anyway, here is information on the basics of SEO.

SEO means "Search Engine Optimization" or "Optimization for search engines" in French. In other words, it's content is being done to it ranks well in search engines when keyword phrase is searched. Better your SEO and more effective it is, the better your traffic to your site.

When you start learning the basics of SEO you will see that you have to discover the keywords or key phrases that are popular in your niche. For example, if you are in the niche of weight loss, while some popular key phrases could be "lose weight fast" and "how to be thin."

Once you identify your keywords and key phrases then you should target them with your content. So you saupoudrerez words about what you write. If you write an article then you put the keywords in the title and throughout the article body. Will bring up the keyword once or twice every hundred words.

By writing this way you will know to search engines that your content will be useful to anyone looking for these keywords. So if you write an article whose title is "How to lose weight fast: 3 great tips" then search engines should treat well this item when someone search for "lose weight fast."

The exact formula used by search engines to rank results is unknown. However, they undoubtedly use keywords. They also use quality content. So be sure to always deliver quality every time you create content online. If you only write something horrible while sprinkling your keywords then you will not do any good.

The basics of SEO are basically creating content that is made to rank well in search engines. This includes sites that are on the Internet. You must make sure that everything you create is intended for SEO. Otherwise, it will not rank well in search engines. So make sure to always have in mind when creating SEO anything that will go online.
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Options for building low-cost links

It is rather easy to get links for cheap. However, what you sacrifice the bottom, instead of money, it's your time. But there are different ways to start building links without spending a dime. The key to each of them to be effective is to have content that worthwhile on your website or blog. Even if you can bring visitors to your site through SEO tactics, they will not stay or will not return if you do not offer them something of value.

You can manually request the webmasters to link to your content. Send them an e-mail with your site and ask them if they would link to him, what often happens is that they require a link in return to their site. This is what is called a reciprocal link. And although it's "better than nothing", you will benefit much more of a one-way link to your site. In both cases, it costs nothing.

One of the most common methods of link building low-cost today is by participating in forums, social media sites and blogs. According to the site which you participate, you can either have a link back to your website inside your ticket is your signature or text may contain a link. The key for success with this strategy is to offer useful advice, suggestions or information and ask real questions. You will not have a lot of people will click on your links if you just post the link with a text ad. It is also a good idea to fill your profile as much as possible, using keywords and adding a photograph.

The article marketing is a third way to get links pointing to your site or blog. It takes a little longer and you should be able to write a little bit. However, do not think that you must be an expert writer. As you get to produce a 500-word article that is clear, concise and contains no spelling or grammatical errors then you are qualified. You can also hire someone to write for you for a relatively small amount, but remember that the quality of the article surely correspond with what you are willing to pay. If possible, start writing the articles yourself, and as you progress you may consider having someone else do it for you or with you.

Finally, you can submit your article to various directories and search engines. When you bid, keep in mind that your description should not be promotional and should not include the name of your site to increase your chances of being accepted. As you can see, there are many ways to build links at low cost.
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Strategies easy link building to increase its ranking in search engines

To get a good ranking in search engines you need to create a lot of incoming links to your website. See some of the strategies you can use to build links.

1. If you have existing links on other websites, you could contact them and ask if they could slightly change the link. A link with anchor text (anchor text) containing relevant keywords is much better than a link that simply says "click here".

2. Always supervise your sites statistics for the 404 and keep track of all links that are misspelled or even old and going to the wrong URL. An incoming link is worthless if it does not point to the right page.

3. On your website put a link to "bind you to us." Specify the information that you would like to use for your link as the anchor text and URL. You can even offer to exchange links and have a contact form so that site owners can leave their contact details.

4. Find the smallest error using a spell checker. Customers will notice all the mistakes you have in your links, your content and your pages.

5. Keep an eye on other sites that talk about your website or even use some of your content. If they include a link to your site but it will if it is not the case then contact them and ask them to include a link to your site.

6. Post comments on other blogs related to your niche and put your link is in the slot provided for it or in your comment. Always post good comments that are relevant to the blog post.

7. Always use tags, especially the header tags on your site that include the appropriate keywords. The anchor text and images also increase the ranking in search engines.

8. Use a sitemap (sail plan) on your website that links to all pages of the sitemap page. If your site has been created with WordPress there are plugins that can create a sitemap for you. This makes it easier for search engines that are visiting your website.

9. Link your site to other websites that have content that relates to your site. Always links to important pages within the site.

10. Make links to sites that have good rankings in search engines because they can help send traffic to your site.

11. Study your competitors and see which sites they use for incoming links and add links to your site to the same sites.

12. If you have good feedback from your customers then add these comments to your site. This will give confidence and interest to your future customers.

13. Create an ebook on your niche and offer it as a gift for people who sign up for your newsletter or your mailing-list.

14. If you consider yourself as an expert in your field while teaching your subject via a webinar. Post ads in your seminar on your website and other sites on the Internet.

15. Use Google Adwords to help you grow your customer base.

16. Find an affiliate product that is related to your niche and add links to it on your site.

17. Submit the URL of your site to social media sites that have products and quality services presented on their sites.

Using the above strategies will increase your traffic and also increase your profits. A profitable website that is successful takes work but if you're willing to make efforts so your website will soon be one of the best.
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Use keywords secondary to a more natural SEO

What is the very first and very fundamental thing that anyone should get before going further in SEO? In fact, it would be impossible to do SEO without it.

Ask any real SEO professional and he will tell you the same thing.

The keywords

Think about it, without the right keywords, there will be nothing to optimize anything and there will be nothing with which to optimize. With the right keywords, you can target the right audience and allow your company to be found and contact the right people.

The whole concept of SEO revolves around keywords, and that is why keyword research is an area so large and important. But it's not that easy to acquire any keyword or many keywords as possible.
This does not mean that your SEO campaign is guaranteed to be successful because choosing the wrong keywords is also inefficient. You must also be smart in your choice of keywords and how to use them.

The primary keyword

We are familiar with these keywords are so important. These keywords are the keywords for which you want to be ranked. With these keywords you want your target audience (and prospects) find your site.

For reasons of simplification, we should be referred to as the PRIMARY keyword. The primary keywords should always be in your site's title tags, Meta tags, internal links and, of course, the body content of your pages.

The primary keywords are also part of your integrated strategy for building back links (backlinks). Because your main keywords will be used extensively in the anchor texts (anchor text) of your backlinks. And this is one of the best ways to use your primary keywords.

Unfortunately, as powerful as either the primary keywords, they may suffer "overuse". When it gets to that point, they begin to lose their effectiveness and in some cases this can be damaging enough to jeopardize all your efforts in SEO.

This is because when you continue to use the same keywords, especially for back links, that things do not appear nearly as natural. But overuse the same keyword to build back links may not be as detrimental as using the exact same keyword again and again to your web page.

The secondary keywords

Therefore, a healthy dose of anchor links should include your main keywords (primary) and a pinch of other sets of keywords. This should be your secondary keywords. These keywords can be derived from your main keywords. This applies to synonyms, and sequences with different arrangements, the addition of nouns, adjectives or even verbs when appropriate.

Doing this will give a more natural look to all of your links which may also include what people use to find your content. Everyone searches with different terms and phrases, so also by diversifying your keywords (these are your primary keywords, but simply a different form, but always staying in the same context).

The secondary keywords are not only used for the anchor text for links back, but also for internal links on your site. Because using the same primary keywords on your website without changing their shape or sequence will easily skyrocket density of your keywords at the keyword stuffing.

Therefore, by using secondary keywords on your site, you will not be penalized for keyword stuffing, but at the same time you will still be able to maintain the context of primary keywords.

Therefore, the secondary keywords are just as important as the primary keywords themselves. You can not just rely on your primary keywords. The secondary keywords are not made to obtain a better ranking in search engine results for your webpage. Think of your secondary keywords as a way to "strengthen" or "supplement" your primary keywords.

Having a large number of keyword variations that are derivatives of your main keywords can give your SEO work a more natural look for both your visitors and for search engines. Imagine that you have used the same keywords over and over again in the content of your website. It will look like spam and this will eventually be annoying for visitors who stay long enough.
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5 tips for your online marketing strategy

Online marketing is an incredibly strong tool which almost any business can benefit. Online marketing will help you reach customers that you would not have been able to reach through normal marketing techniques. It can help you improve your image, increase interest in your business and increase traffic to your business.

That said, online marketing is more than an ad on the web and e-mail to a database. Online marketing covers many areas and tactics on the web to provide you with a winning strategy. If you want your online marketing work, you must have planned this marketing strategy.

These five tips will help you plan your own strategy. They will help you develop a cohesive marketing strategy that will also be economical and efficient as possible.

Speak clearly

You must ensure that your online marketing tactics speak clearly and concisely. You must effectively communicate your message to people, which means they can easily understand the message you are trying to get across. Think about what you try to tell your audience and tell the clearest way possible.

Know your target

You should make sure you understand everything there is to know about your target market. You must understand how they work to understand exactly how to sell them. If you do not know your target, you will not be able to effectively reach with your marketing strategy.

Know your options

Every good marketing strategy completely evacuate the marketing options available. Know your options and you must work to understand which of these options will work for your business.

Work consistently

A marketing strategy must use equipment that is consistent. Marketings consistent tactics will help you create a campaign, making your Internet marketing as effective as possible. Keep the tone in your writing style and the same style of design to create a consistent look.


At the end, you must ensure that your online marketing efforts were a success. You must keep track of your strategy, analyze your tactics and methods after the marketing campaign has taken place. This will help you understand whether you should modify, change or completely stop your marketing campaign online.

These tips will help you plan all the intricate details of your online marketing strategy. They will help you understand how to talk to your audience, how to limit yourself to your audience and how to implement a strategy. This campaign and the strategy consistent will help you keep your company on track to reap the benefits of online marketing.
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Good ideas to get traffic to your website

When you create a website you do so to provide information to a targeted audience. Websites that work best are those who receive lots of traffic. Traffic is vital to the success of any website.

You can get traffic to your website from search engines, directories and word-of-mouth.

Search engines are sites like Google and Yahoo when people enter a search using certain keywords and receive results as websites that are related to the words they seek. If you have a website that is related to particular keywords then your website will appear in the results when people perform a search and you will receive traffic.

Word-of-mouth is simply when you have happy customers who recommend your site to others. This can be by word of mouth or it may be recommending your site to social bookmarking sites.

Directories are lists of categories where people can access information they seek.

To receive traffic from both search engines and directories, your site should rank well for being among the first results.

To receive traffic through word-of-mouth you must provide a website of good quality and good service so that others want to recommend.

These three types of traffic sources are the most popular. You can pay for services that your site is well positioned in search engines and directories, as they say you must spend money to make money. Yet there are other options available to get traffic.

SEO is a good way to get traffic to your website. With this process, your site is marked by a large number of people and their findings will raise the ranking of your site every time someone visits your site and it increases with the popularity. To get the most out of SEO, you use key words and phrases appropriate varierez and phrases you use to cover more search terms.

The first three methods reviewed above will bring you much traffic, but they will ask a lot of work to reach this point. You must be determined and stay focused on your efforts so that your website is in a good position. When you see traffic start coming to your website you will know that your efforts have started to pay and it will keep you motivated to continue.

There are other simple methods you can use to get traffic like forums, newsletters, affiliate marketing, RSS, blogging and video marketing. Also have a good website will make it attractive and interesting that you bring a lot more traffic through recommendations. Add more quality content or features to your site will also help you increase your traffic.

Also try to think outside the box because if your site offers something that others do not then it will make it more attractive to visitors. You do not need to be number one in your area but it helps to have a site that stands out. The most important thing is to make efforts in both site content and also in traffic generation and you'll quickly a highly profitable website.
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5 steps to configure your site for SEO

When you have a website you obviously want to have as many visitors on this site as you can. The way to get the most visitors is through optimization for search engines (SEO or Search Engine Optimization). In other words, you want to create your site for search engines, so people can find your site when they search for certain keywords. Here are five steps to create a website for SEO

Step 1: Know that each page must be optimized

The first step in optimizing for search engines is to always remember that each page of your site must be optimized. Each page is treated individually by search engines. So be sure to apply SEO tactics needed for each page.

Step 2: select the keywords and phrases for each page

The next step in creating your website for SEO is to carefully choose the best keywords and phrases for each page. You want keywords and phrases correspond to topics covered by each page.

Step 3: find a title solid

You should also look carefully a strong title for each page. The title should include the important keywords and phrases. This is very important for optimization for search engines.

Step 4: Place the keywords in the "Title" in the "Meta Keywords", and in the "Meta Description"

Another important step in optimizing for search engines is to place the keywords in the tag title ("title"), in the "meta keywords" and the "meta description". This is an important step that you can not afford to forget. This will help search engines find your pages and rank for keywords and phrases important.

Step 5: Repeat key words throughout the text of each page

The last step to create your website for SEO is to repeat your targeted keywords throughout the text on each page. You must use the keywords several times in the text. However, you do not want to use keywords too often. This would make your text unpleasant to read, and it could also push the search engines to penalize your ranking in search engines or completely stop the ranking of your site.

Here you are with the 5 steps to create your website for search engines. Be careful to select carefully the words and phrases that are most important to your site and each page within the site. Then insert those keywords in the title in the tags of "meta description" and through the texts of each page. If you do these things then you will rank well in search engines and get more visitors to your site.
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Wii U already picked it up?

Wii U already picked it up?

If many people are concerned that future performance of the next Nintendo console are likely to compete in the competition, others are trying to answer, as the site Kotaku that makes her talk in secret sources industry. The real question obviously concerns the power of the machine, and the result, according to one source, you may appear scathing:

"The performance of the Wii U seem closer to the new iPad than those of the next generation consoles"

And wham, gums! Kotaku was able to talk with someone who has put his nose into the machine and which reveals that the console would receive 2 GB of Ram, that is to say four times more than Xbox 360. What seems more worrying is that the CPU is really lagging behind, even managing to be even worse than this 360 when it comes to multi-task! Thus, these sources provide secret that the Wii U can proudly put on shelves for a year, time to see the famous disembark "PS4" and "Xbox3", which should clearly outperform in terms of power. A bit like the Wii against the PS3 and 360.

Yet while there is no doubt that the Wii does U has no intention to enter the race for power, we can still ask questions about this analysis. Indeed, it is unclear how the Wii U could reproduce its future competitive gap that existed between the Wii and PS3 / 360 where video technology has not jumped so blatant in recent years. Explanations: Between the Wii and PS3 / 360, there is a clear difference with a name: the HD. But if the naked eye can really tell the difference between the 480p and 720p / 1080p, higher resolution reveals that interest quite relative. Sure, other issues arise concerning memory and calculation, but visually, it seems difficult to find a gap between consoles also shouting to come.
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Square Enix: A legend leaves the ship

we do not talk to anyone! Indeed, after nearly 30 years of loyal service at Square Enix, Hiromichi Tanaka has announced his departure to browse other waters! If that name means nothing to you, know that he arrived at the same time as Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy in 1983. After working as a game designer on the first three games in the series, he became a producer on a few headlines, such as Secret of Mana, Xenogears, Chrono Cross or Final Fantasy XI.

Unfortunately, he was the one who officiated in the same role on the famous Final Fantasy XIV, which we recall without difficulty the disastrous exit. Since we had not really heard of the man, who has already stepped down as producer on this game since December 2010. Mr Tanaka explains his departure from the disease (not specified) that the fatigue, and unable to hold back such an important role in major productions. We wish him good luck for the future!
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Steak zombies, anyone?

Said like that, it does not look very appetizing. Yet, Japan is clearly capable of anything since Resident Evil restaurant will be built in Tokyo in the Shibuya district, on 13 July. The Biohazard STARS Cafe & Grill, as it is called, will offer even a few animations, such as a dance troupe called STARS Angelique. Unfortunately, what interests us most, the menu has not yet been disclosed, but presumably they will avoid all that flesh is in the process of decomposition ...
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Resident Evil 6 Edition Collecto

Capcom has delivered the detailed content of the collector's edition of Resident Evil 6, edition will be available in Europe from some dealers. The publisher has not yet specified in which French children will be supplied. Note that in addition to the deluxe version, also of unknown price, versions with metal boxes are already available to anyone pre-ordering the game

- Metal enclosure Zombie
- An artbook Resident Evil 6
- A download code for an avatar Resident Evil 6 on Xbox 360 or PS3 animated theme
- A sweatshirt Ivy University (one size)
- Emblems of zinc three factions signed by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Eiichiro Sasaki.
- A lenticular packaging "Needle Bomb"
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Pokémon White / Black 2 on track

Undoubtedly one of the latest headlines from the Nintendo DS, Pokémon White / Black 2 was released in Japan this weekend. If it takes several days for the results of sales, Game Freak already gives us the figures for pre-orders, amounting to 1.16 million units for the two games combined. All indications are that this new duo went for a good card. The Europeans will have to wait for the fall hunt of Pokémon.
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100 Floors Cheats

How to pass each level

Level 1 - press the green arrow up
Level 2 - move the trash can, click the green arrow, select the green arrow, click the up arrow
Level 3 - tilt the left, tilt to the right
Level 4 - pinch out to the left and right
Level 5 - tilt backwards
Level 6 - move right plant, touch the four larger "buttons"
Level 7 - tilt right to slide rock over button
Level 8 - move fruit to find banana, select banana, click the gorilla
Level 9 - make the larger buttons (inner and outer rings) match the smaller buttons
Level 10 - shake to awaken snake, top left to bottom right swipe

Level 11 - using the gyroscope, balance both balls in the middle until three lights display
Level 12 - tap the red buttons with very short, quick taps to push the ball up until you light up the column top in green
Level 13 - shake to drop the sledgehammer, grab the hammer, select the hammer, and hit the wall until it breaks
Level 14 - hold down the green hand until five lights display
Level 15 - tap in sequence 1-6-4-3
Level 16 - grab screwdriver, select screwdriver, touch each screw, tap board, tilt to drop background
Level 17 - tilt the left one, right twice, left three times, finally to the right twice
Level 18 - quickly tap blue dots so all are lit (tip: since some stay on longer tap from the top left counter-clockwise.) Here's an image on how to beat level 18.
Level 19 - grab towel, select towel, wipe the windows
Level 20 - grab screw, move sign, select bol, tap open screw hole, select screwdriver, tap screw

Level 21 - hold exactly upright until eye opens and hold until five lights display
Level 22 - select sledgehammer, tap right statue until it breaks, swipe doors in order: up, right, left, down
Level 23 - tap green to turn on lights, select pegboard, tap door, then tap in order: bottom right, middle, top, bottom left
Level 24 - swipe with two fingers over the arrows to lift the door and tap the green arrow while holding the door up
Level 25 - swipe the balls to match the floor pattern with left down, next up, next 3/4 up
Level 26 - touch all batteries/fuses to fall to the floor then place them as follows: left (2x) = 1v & 5v, middle (3x) = 1v & 20v, right (1x) = 20v & 5v
Level 27 - slide right panel to the far right, select sledgehammer and hit right (cracked) wall, grab screw, select screw and tap middle of the door, and crank screw in clockwise circle until all five lights display green
Level 28 - match the pattern above the elevator with taps (2x pause 3x pause 1x pause 2x)
Level 29 - lay device flat and left the bomb explode
Level 30 - set the clock (by dragging the second hand) to YOUR current time and touch the switch

Level 31 - select screwdriver and touch each screw in the sign, unselect screwdriver and drag sign rightside up
Level 32 - each diagonal must sum to 12 (the number above the elevator), change the position of the dots by tapping the two you want to exchange. Here's an image on how to beat level 32.
Level 33 - tap the color button (white, yellow, or red) that corresponds to the item
cloud = white
snowflake = white
banana = yellow
pear = yellow
fire = red
cherries = red
Level 34 - tap the numbers/letters 1-0-0-F-L-O-O-R-S
Level 35 - plug in the cord, tap parts of the digits to make 35 appear
Level 36 - touch the items from lowest on the earth to highest (fish, dog, fruit, plane, moon)
Level 37 - swipe item on the floor to the right to let button up, tilt backward tip ball up off button, swipe upper left to expose ball, tap ball
Level 38 - tap left, top right, bottom right in order to coordinate timers to hit green at the same time
Level 39 - tap/hold upper left (green), drag diagonal to bottom right grey, drag up to top (green), drag diagonal to bottom left (green), drag to the right two dots (a green line should be going through all grey dots)
Level 40 - turn your volume all the way down

Level 41 - keep touching the flies to see a pattern to match
Level 42 - turn off the lights (note the shapes), swipe the doors to the left and right, note the shapes on the next layer, swipe the doors to the top and bottom, match the noted shapes
Level 43 - move both plants to reveal a pipe, select the ball and add to the left side of the pipe, then balance the ball through the pipe to the other side to press the green button down
Level 44 - move the plant out of the way then touch each panel to match the door from left to right with (1G = grey, 2W = white, 3B = black, 4W = white)
Level 45 - select the sledgehammer and smash the blowing AC at the top, then select the machette and cut the rope on the balloon, and as it is rising, tilt the phone to line it up with the button and not get popped by the spikes
 Level 46 - the top has to exactly mirror the bottom
Level 47 - tab squares until they line up to complete the circuit from bottom right counter-clockwise back to the bottom middle. Here's an image on how to beat level 47.
Level 48 - select the machette and swipe away the vines, then tap the colors to match the number of flowers in that color (white = 5, yellow = 5, pink = 4). Here's an image on how to beat level 48.
Level 49 - tap the letters in order: Pa, S, S, W, O, Rd
Level 50 - tap the center of the door as fast as you can to "knock" until the green bar fills up

Level 51 - tap the squares to make black a pattern that matches the shape of the sword
Level 52 - tap the snowflakes to show 1-2-2-5 (12/25 in American style dates for Christmas)
Level 53 - drag the hook down to the box, tap the switch to turn off the electricity, grab the wire cutters, select the wirecutters and tap the fence
Level 54 - using the A=01 as decoder, type the following numbers to spell C=03, O=15, D=04, E=05.
Level 55 - lay your device flat then start tilting up/down and left/right to see the overlay of other blocks come in and fill in the gaps
Level 56 - tap the numbers to equal the number of flags that box is touching (including diagonal.)
Level 57 - touch and hold the red button to move the hook to the right and align with the top of the wrecking ball, then release and pull/drag the chain down to attach to the wrecking ball, then press the red button to move the ball in line with the door, and finally tap the ball three times to break the door
Level 58 - using the keyboard, play the white keys in this order 3-2-1-2-3-3-3-1-2-2-3-2-1 (it should sound like "Mary had a little lamb")
Level 59 - grab rock, select rock and smash window (upper left), tap mirror (twice) to point to sticks to start fire, grab stick, select stick and touch fire, touch stick to lever (melt ice), and touch the lever
Level 60 - select torch, light both sconces (two light blue "eyes" will appear), then tap the drums: 4x Red, 2x Dark Blue, 1x White, 4x Light Blue

Level 61 - You have to make the four spaces above the clock say 1830 (24-hour time for 6:30) so place them 1 - F+L - 3 - backwords L + upside down L. Here's an image on how to beat level 61.
Level 62 - select the machette and cut the wire on the box in the bottom left, then press the right and left arrows to get the remaining geen line to the top above the door
Level 63 - match the dark/light tiles to the lights when the rock is over the left button.
Level 64 - touch the black dot in the middle (eyeball) and drag your finger counter-clockwise quickly until the green bar above the door fills up
Level 65 - grab the ball, select the ball, place it at the bottom of the tube, select the torch, touch the sprinkler, and the room will fill with water raising the ball to the top of the tube to press the button
Level 66 - grab the stick on the right, select the stick and grab the hook on the left side, select the hook and touch the ring on the door, then swipe down to pull the door down
Level 67 - tap the flower in the upper right to release a "seed" and move the bucket to catch it (a stem is planted), tap the water and move the bucket under the water (a flower sprouts), then move the bucket under the sunlight
Level 68 - grab the star to the right center of the door (on the floor), press and hold the lever to lift the box, let go of the lever and quickly grab the panel beneath the box, select the star, then press and hold the lever to left the box and finally let go to tap the star beneath the box
Level 69 - tap the light above the door and time when to tap the fish to the right of the door (the fish will hit the falling light and float it into the octopus to uncover the drain), then use the machette to hack away the vines
Level 70 - press the buttons in this order: Left-Right-Left-Left-Right-Left-Right-Right

Level 71 - the signs at the top must be the exact opposite of the corresponding (opposing) dots/dashes.
Level 72 - have the items finish in this order: yellow circle, red triangle, blue square, green pentagon
Level 73 - pick the right formula to get to 73: left, left, down, right, up, right, up, left, down, left
Level 74 - next order of the sequence from hitting the floor. Bottom starts red.
Level 75 - level platforms, pick up small weight on right and put it on the left, then place all three weights on floor on right platform
Level 76 - rearrange jigsaw puzzle to form box with lines. Then place wood tile from inventory in center
Level 77 - stop light created by hitting green button on 7th circle
Level 80 - light torches based on numbers at top. Torches are labeled 1-5 starting on right. Tap the stone/hole in the middle for the periods between number sets (and the 0).
Level 81 - Hold the phone upside down and tap any digit and x (mulitply) then equal (9x9=81). The digits are actually 9's instead of 6's.
Level 82 - Select the machette and tap on the floor (just above the F in Floor 82). Grab the item, select it, and place it on the left door. Tap the left knob on the door twice and right knob seven times (recreating the shape on the ground.) Grab and select the lever. Place it to the right of the door. Tap and hold the lever to open the door. Tap the green arrow while holding the lever to progress.
Level 83 - Tap and drag the various geometric shapes around the door to "solve" the puzzle in the door. The shape's position matches the color on the ceiling.
Level 84 - hit the buttons that make the color on the wall at the same time - all buttons, only red, both blue, all buttons
Level 85 - light the candles with your flame starting at middle, then left then right. Extinguish right flame, then left, relight left candle, extinguish left then middle flame
Level 86 - click on numbers at top to know how to move dial. Counter clockwise to 11. Clockwise to 5. Clockwise to 1, counter clockwise to 8, clockwise to 12
Level 87 - shake phone to wake bear, click to move him, wait until he falls back asleep to open door
Level 88 - pull down hat on top left below vent, pull over hat in middle right above the hat on the floor. Flip the hat top right. Start ball by dropping in the highest hat on top right
Level 89 - tap se, SI, ni, fi, fo
Level 90 - hit the first button 4 times, the middle 3 times and right button twice. Then hit small star in top right corner to illuminate last button and open door.

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Tribune: eBay loses a battle against the brands

Tribune: eBay loses a battle against the brands

By three decisions of 3 May and after a few mistakes jurisprudence, the Commercial Chamber of the Supreme Court finally clarified the status of eBay.

Since the law of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, two qualifications are available for some platforms online sales: the status of host or publisher.

The host, which simply store information on behalf of others, can not be held liable because of the activities carried on its website or the information stored therein, it is not aware of their unlawful.

Instead, the auction site online that plays an active role in achieving business transactions concluded via its website, must in turn, meet the injury caused by its activity.

Thus, the Supreme Court has recently confirmed the decision the Court of Appeal had considered that eBay had "not had a single hosting business" [...] but that she had played "an active role likely to confer knowledge or control of data [...] and to deprive the regime-liability "resulting from the host status.

The company eBay can now be held liable more easily under illicit transactions concluded via its website, and especially the resale of counterfeit products, or out of distribution networks.

Monitoring of these platforms (eBay, leboncoin, etc..), The Patent Attorney, is now a real need for trademark owners.
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Japan Expo: The program of Square Enix

As you probably know, the 2012 edition of the Japan Expo will be held in Paris from July 5 to 8, in the Exhibition. Square Enix has been nice to unveil its program staff during the event., A program that includes conferences, celebrations anda return of the famous real time tech demo of its new 3D engine for the next generation of machines. Here is what awaits those who go there.

Conference Square Enix / Nintendo: "10th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, Shinji Hashimoto, executive producer, and Yoko Shimomura, composer of the series, celebrating ten years of the Kingdom Hearts series, Saturday, July 7 to 14 hours on stage Video Games. They will then be signing session on Nintendo's booth, at 16:30.

Square Enix Conference: The Future of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Game Director, will present his vision of the future of Final Fantasy XIV, Saturday, July 7 to 15 hours on stage Video Games. It will then book signing in the autograph room EQ55 (Hall 6) at 17:30.

Presentation Square Enix: Agni's Philosophy & Luminous, Julien Merceron, chief technology officer for the group Square Eni in the world, comment on the technical demonstration of Agni's Philosophy Final Fantasy, performed using technologies Luminous Next Generation, Saturday, July 7 to 16 hours on stage Video Games.
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New extension for Final Fantasy XI Online

Square Enix is pleased to announce the release in 2013 of a new expansion for the MMO Final Fantasy XI Online. Seekers of Adoulin entitled, it is still a bit foggy but we already know she will among other things two new jobs, one of them calling themselves Geomancer. It will however wait a bit to learn more about the new territories and promised the new storylines that will occupy the players.
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Why Microsoft will fail with Windows 8

Microsoft was a company that was innovative, at least 10 years ago it was. Like taking an example of Windows XP, it was the most innovative as well as the most popular os among the masses for years. After which Microsoft only sucked. Vista was an epic fail. No one knew how much worse an Operating system could be and the answer was well explained by Vista. Poor performance is what you get every time you boot up your computer. People stuck with XP till Windows 7 was released.
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PC makers isn't a Big fan of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft surprised the whole world with a tablet-computer that was released on Monday. Microsoft also shocked by announcing 'they are making the hardware to fight the competitors in the market'. Microsoft is directly aimed the arrow towards iPad and already marketing it as an iPad killer. 
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Top 5 features in iOS that Android doesn't have.

Features is what you want in a phone. Let it be an Android device or an iOS device, we want a fully functional mobile operating system, which should work for us each and every time we want it. And what makes me feel like a 'fail' when android doesn't work in a way it is supposed to be. People keep clearing their RAM, closing applications to avoid an unwanted slowdown in their device and this is what I feel a 'Pain' in. iPhone excels Android in some specific areas, which Android right now isn't able to do. 5 specific features that are still premium to iOS and Android falls short of it is here.
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