5 steps to configure your site for SEO

When you have a website you obviously want to have as many visitors on this site as you can. The way to get the most visitors is through optimization for search engines (SEO or Search Engine Optimization). In other words, you want to create your site for search engines, so people can find your site when they search for certain keywords. Here are five steps to create a website for SEO

Step 1: Know that each page must be optimized

The first step in optimizing for search engines is to always remember that each page of your site must be optimized. Each page is treated individually by search engines. So be sure to apply SEO tactics needed for each page.

Step 2: select the keywords and phrases for each page

The next step in creating your website for SEO is to carefully choose the best keywords and phrases for each page. You want keywords and phrases correspond to topics covered by each page.

Step 3: find a title solid

You should also look carefully a strong title for each page. The title should include the important keywords and phrases. This is very important for optimization for search engines.

Step 4: Place the keywords in the "Title" in the "Meta Keywords", and in the "Meta Description"

Another important step in optimizing for search engines is to place the keywords in the tag title ("title"), in the "meta keywords" and the "meta description". This is an important step that you can not afford to forget. This will help search engines find your pages and rank for keywords and phrases important.

Step 5: Repeat key words throughout the text of each page

The last step to create your website for SEO is to repeat your targeted keywords throughout the text on each page. You must use the keywords several times in the text. However, you do not want to use keywords too often. This would make your text unpleasant to read, and it could also push the search engines to penalize your ranking in search engines or completely stop the ranking of your site.

Here you are with the 5 steps to create your website for search engines. Be careful to select carefully the words and phrases that are most important to your site and each page within the site. Then insert those keywords in the title in the tags of "meta description" and through the texts of each page. If you do these things then you will rank well in search engines and get more visitors to your site.
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