Google X: a neural network identifies ... cats

The laboratory X Google recently made about him for his project car without a driver or augmented reality glasses. Researchers are also working on a project simulation of the human brain.

Scientists have managed to create a vast artificial neural network by connecting 16 000 computer processors. It was released on the Internet to learn by himself.

Faced with digital images from ten million YouTube videos, Google made ​​in the brain was able to recognize one of the effigies of the Net ... the cat. Vignettes that were randomly selected.

Learning that may seem absurd, but according to an article in The New York Times, the researchers were surprised by the performance of the artificial brain that has doubled its rate of accuracy in identifying objects from a list of 20 000 items.

Education is that the neural network software created by researchers tends to prove theories in biology by which each neuron is driven inside the brain to identify specific objects.

"We never told during training, it is a cat," said Jeff Dean, Google Fellow. "He invented the concept of chat." Scientists believe they have developed what amounts to a cousin of cyber what is happening in the visual cortex of the brain.
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