Facebook requires their email address

Facebook requires their email address

Facebook has lacked tact and has probably not been very inspired to carry on the sly to a change that reacted number of its users.

In 2010, Facebook launched its own email system (Facebook messages) and made ​​available to users of adresses@facebook.com.

Supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail, this email is intended to unify communications by bringing together in one place in mail, messages, IM, Facebook.

Since then, Facebook messages does not have much of talk until he was forced last week without any notification to the user.

Surprise indeed, it is now the adresses@facebook.com that are configured for the default profile and contact information. Again, Facebook has sinned by lack of transparency vis-à-vis its users.

To justify himself, said that Facebook was not his intention to push users to the adresses@facebook.com but they use "what is the easiest for them." In addition, Facebook says that this change was announced last April.

An ad that was not very clear: "from today, we update the addresses on Facebook for more consistency across our site. Addresses that people use to access your Journal and send you an email on Facebook will be the same. "

For those that change mind, simply go to the page of his profile and make a change in the coordinates (via Update my info).
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