How to Remove Facebook Friends Fast

How many of your Facebook friends are actually friends? Or maybe a better question is how many of your Facebook friends do you actually still want? When you add someone, you're allowing them access to your information on any level. Even though Facebook provides friend groups to help you better-manage which information is shown to whom, when your friend list is in the thousands it's easy to miss who has access and who doesn't. If you've been feeling overwhelmed by the number of people you've agreed to connect with on the social network, it's time for a little pruning.
The easiest option is to just make regular posts for a couple of weeks about how you're pruning your friends and ask that everyone who wants to stay on as one of your friends should send you a message. After the two week period is up, make a list of all people who responded. Keep them and delete the rest. If you've got a bunch of friends, this can take a while if you do it manually. Alternatively, check out this GreaseMonkey script called FacebookDeletes. It can help you delete batches of people and save a bunch of time.
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