TOP 19 free SEO Plugins for Wordpress

Here is a list of essential SEO plugins for Wordpress:

1> All in One SEO Pack

Not the best SEO plugin, but certainly the most stable and most followed and updated in light of its popularity: I passed by laziness but it makes me well and now I have nothing to complain: It also automatically manages the rel = cannonical (headspace2 is useful in some cases but I prefer the side effectively ALL In One)

2>-BreadCrumb NavXT

A plugin that adds a kind of Ariadne's thread, a must for those keen on usability and accessibility, but it provides a clearer regarding internal linking, check before the plugin compatibility with your version of Wordpress: it is installed on this blog and you can see it in action in the client permalink of any ticket.

3> WP Page Navi

a plugin that changes the pagination of your blog and contributes to a better mesh of your blog internally.

4> Google Analyticator

A simple plugin to add Google Analytics code to your site without worrying about changing themes Wordpress example.

5> W3 Total Cache

an essential plugin for high traffic sites but also for others to gain precious seconds to load.

6> Redirection

A plugin to manage your redirects (301, etc. ..): helpful when changing permalinks or that you change your url to a post in particular, it also outlines the type errors 404: attention anyway to tables used to trace redirects that are not super optimized (older versions).

7> WP Stats

While GG analytics is my preference for client sites, I remains committed to this little Wordpress plugin developed by which can quickly see from the dashboard stats of the day without going any further.

8> Broken Link Checker

Dead links are bad for SEO, Google Webmaster tools never forget to remind us but with this plugin, it allows you to look after yourself to check broken links or dead from your own site. (Note also the induced charge by the plugin: not recommended in hosting infrastructures types pooled)

9> Feedburner Feedsmith

I use Feedburner for some years, and this plugin takes into account all types of redirection (RSS, Atom, etc. ..) to your Feedburner account: purists prefer the manual method.

10> Google XML Sitemaps

Generate a Sitemap for your site automatically, simply a must in 2011, for the multi site or large content sites prefer the plugin WP Better Google XML Sitemaps

11> Yet AnotherRelated Posts

A plugin that offers tickets related by content, tags, category improving the mesh inside your template and lowering the bounce rate of your site.

12> SEO Friendly Images

A plugin a little misunderstood and is useful: it allows you to make your images more seo friendly including the fact inform the ALT attribute that most forget.

13> Insights

This plugin allows you to search for internal or external links while writing tickets to enrich your ticket without leaving the editor (youtube Video, Internal Links, Google Maps, etc. ..). I discovered this plugin thanks to our friend Dievochka

14> View Posts PageRank

An excellent plugin that gives you the PageRank of your tickets from the admin interface of Wordpress, allowing better management of PR sculpting. (The developer has removed the plugin: if anyone has yet, thank you for the provide comment in the ticket)

15> SEO Smart Links

I'm not very keen plugins automation automated linking but this plugin may be useful in some projects "automated"

16> TweetMeme

Not really SEO, but this plugin will help your visitors share your notes on Twitter: Twitter sharing prefer to that of TweetMeme which indexes your tickets and you can compete on SERPs.Limite if you can, use the code directly sharing Twitter.

17> SEO Rank Reporter

A small plugin that tracks your position in the SERPs as keywords informed, was used only for personal, professional follow a true, prefer tools like Yooda.

18> Max A / B

A plugin ideal for testing the effectiveness of your changes on conversions, especially in landingPages.

19> Minify

known for some time that the loading time is a new indicator of relevance in SEO, this little plugin allows you to compress and group calls types javascripts and CSS

In conclusion

19 These plugins are not installed at the same time, but you must draw according to his needs: only ALL In One SEO Pack, SEO Friendly Images and Google XML Sitemaps are actually systematically to install.

And you, what other plugins do you use to improve your SEO wordpress?
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