Patent wars: Apple may block sales of Galaxy Tab

Patent wars: Apple may block sales of Galaxy Tab

By dint of perseverance (and a touch of stubbornness), Apple finally gets what he could not claim a few months ago: an injunction against the distribution of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the North American market.

The reasons are always the same, namely a charge of patent infringement and copying of design, and Judge Lucy Koh, has finally responded to this new query group in Cupertino, also in charge of the merits of the case whose trial will take place in late July.

If the injunction applies only to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, while Samsung has a range of tablets from the same family, the Korean group will have at least temporarily discontinue distribution in the United States.

The favorable decision obtained by Apple is an emergency measure upstream of the trial that he must decide between two companies in conflict, but the judge explained his decision by stating that if the presence of Samsung in the market is legitimate, the group Korean is not that flood the market with products in violation of intellectual property.

The latter expressed disappointment with the decision but remember that it affects only one of his tablets (which remains available in the world) and the other Galaxy Tab are distributed in the United States.

And since this is an interim measure prior to treatment of the case, Judge Lucy Koh requires Apple to set aside $ 2.6 million that the group should pay in damages to Samsung if he would lose his upcoming trial.
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