Is Facebook Testing "Save for Later" Feature?

Facebook is testing a new service called "Save for later" which will be available for both Desktop and Mobile phone users. It will provide an identical functionality like twitter's Favorite feature. You can find the folder under the Apps on the Facebook's desktop as well as Mobile app. You can tap and hold on a story to save it later to read. 

But Friends won't receive any kind of notification if you saved one of their post's which is a distinguishing feature of Facebook from twitter app. "This feature has not been rolled to all users but will be soon done", says Mashable. This feature will be available without updating the current Facebook app. 
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Blogger Gets a Deeper Google+ Integration

Google is integrating its products more deeply now with Google+. Now you can access Google+ directly from the Blogger Dashboard. You post to your Google+ Page directly from the Blogger page. If you do not have a Google+ account you can directly make one from Blogger itself. Also now there will be a unified identity of a person.

Like earlier Blogger Profile and Google+ profile were different but now both are joined together. Now every Blog that you own will be shown in your Google+ Account as to which blog you are contributing to. Now there is a new share button below your posts so you can easily post your content on G+. Advanced Users who love Google + will feel it the best update to Blogger ever since. Google is updating new and better things to Blogger like much needed Permalinks features and Dynamic views. We'll like to see more coming in the future from Google for Blogger.
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New Sony Xperia tablets in approach with quadcore Tegra 3

Sony has entered the market of touch pads with two models announced last year, the Sony Tablet P and its dual-screen, and Sony Tablet S, designed especially for balancing weight for grip facilitated.

For the Japanese group that hopes to become a market leader, a new model is under development appears to be an evolution of Sony Tablet S, maintaining the specific aspect of the tablet but more blurred, with a tablet presented as lighter and thinner.

Images leaked from an internal presentation evoke a tablet bearing the name Xperia and will carry a quad core processor Nvidia Tegra 3, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or his successor Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The tablet should be available in capacities 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage and have 3G connectivity. 6000 mAh battery should provide up to 10 working hours with WiFi enabled. The new Sony tablet measuring 8.8 mm thick at the slimmer end and benefit from an aluminum hull.

Should be offered with the original shell type / keyboard that is reminiscent of the accessory shelves of Microsoft Surface, with a flap element acting as a crutch. Its price might be $ 99.

The estimated prices of different versions of this Sony Xperia future tablet are 449.99 dollars for the 16GB model, 549.99 dollars for the 32GB version and 649.99 dollars for the 64 GB model As for availability, it is not mentioned but should be around the third or fourth quarter of 2012.
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IPO of Facebook: 290 million euros lost at UBS

Bank UBS has estimated the financial loss to the mess of the IPO Facebook social network and it is rather heavy. On May 18, the start of trading social network has suffered from a large number of orders placed as the platform Nasdaq has struggled to deal with, leading to a lack of visibility into operations for several tens of minutes.

After apologizing, the platform Nasdaq has proposed a compensation scheme for investors of about $ 40 million (since increased to 62 million in cash), while the latter reported total losses of hundreds of millions of dollars. Recall that the platform does Nasdaq normally only about $ 14 million to compensate injured investors.

UBS bank had indicated during the presentation of its financial results for the second quarter of 2012 it had lost alone 349 million Swiss francs, or 290 million, during this phase of the troubled IPO Facebook.

She explained that orders have been passed several times, not having been confirmed, and it accuses the Nasdaq platform to have breached its obligations by not suspending the taking of orders during this delicate phase of the IPO.

The bank therefore request full compensation for his losses and threatening to file a complaint against the platform Nasdaq. The amount claimed by UBS is well above the level of compensation provided to all investors who suffered losses during malfunction of the IPO Facebook.

The claim is even stronger than this loss Facebook has plunged UBS results for the quarter, with a decline of over 50% of its net profit compared to last year, notes AFP.
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Twitter: 500 million users worldwide

Research firm Semiocast just put online the results of a study about the famous microblogging service Twitter.

It turns out that at 30 June 2012, Twitter had crossed the symbolic threshold of half a billion accounts with a total of 517 million accounts.

The five countries with the microblogging service is most prevalent are the United States, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom and Indonesia, with over 140 million respectively, over 40 million, about 35 million, more 30 million and nearly 30 million accounts. France occupies the eighteenth place with 7.3 million accounts.

The five cities with the most tweets are Jakarta, Indonesia, Tokyo, Japan, London, UK, São Paulo, Brazil, and New York, United States. Paris

Twitter: 500 million users worldwide

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Windows 8 also criticized by Blizzard

A few days ago we relayed in our columns that the developer Valve, known for its video games and download platform Steam, was not at all favorable to the arrival of Windows 8 on October 26th. Gabe Newell, CEO of the studio, even said that this is a "catastrophe for the PC market."

The closed architecture over the next Microsoft OS is concerned, since applications will be offered via Windows Store, but also the Xbox Live that will be built. Also, the presence of Steam will be less relevant.

Now, this is another major player in PC gaming that occurs against Windows 8, namely Blizzard. Company behind the popular World of Warcraft, Diablo III and StarCraft II stressed that this operating system "not great either for Blizzard."

These words are explained clearly by the same reasons as for Valve, especially since Blizzard also has its online platform, Remains to be seen if Blizzard and Valve Windows 8 boycott or not.

Windows 8 also criticized by Blizzard

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Mobile applications to the 36 billion downloads in 2012

Market research firm ABI Research estimates that 36 billion the number of mobile applications that will be downloaded in 2012, an average of 37 applications for smartphone, against 35 in 2011 by smartphone applications (6%).

Despite augmentaiton volumes of smartphones, analysts expect that the average number of applications per device continues to grow in the coming years and even tends to fall, anticipating that the next wave of smartphone users established markets are significantly less download applications, as smartphones extend to demographic categories less attracted to the exploration of mobile software catalogs.

ABI Research analysts also mention the role of Mobile Web and the classical debate between native applications and Web Apps in HTML5, the latter having the opportunity to replace advantageously the first on some applications.

Mobile Web users mature, pre-installation of key applications
"Applications of news and magazines are a segement probably close to a transition to the Web rather than native applications in two or three years. And because the information content and media are already largely in use and smartphones are expected to play an increasing role in late smartphone users, changes in this segment will lead users to download applications on average less, "says Aapo Markkanen, analyst ABI Research.

Other analysts also anticipated a peak downloads of applications by 2016 before beginning a decline in favor of development applications in HTML5. There are also likely to consider issues of default optimization of research and discovery of new applications in catalogs with hundreds of thousands of software.

Some notaient also the fact that manufacturers pre-install on their BlackBerry applications considered of interest to users, who are so much software they will not have to get themselves and which may limit the desire to discover for other applications of the same type.
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Yahoo!: Ross Levinsohn has left the company

The announcement of the arrival of Marissa Mayer at the helm of Yahoo was widely publicized in mid-July, instilling new hope of seeing the group find the bases of growth after several quarters of stagnation and a waltz of ECO not allow the company to reorganize around a project.

After the rapid departure of Scott Thompson, who left four months after his arrival on suspicion of fraud on his CV, it's Ross Levinsohn, a member of the Board, who had taken the post of interim CEO.

This transition could very well turn into tenure, especially since Levinsohn, from the media industry, could breathe new leadership group. Choosing rather Marissa Mayer, Google's first female engineer, the board of Yahoo! assumes a different orientation for the future, more Web-oriented products, in which was illustrated at Google Marissa Mayer.

Ross Levinsohn therefore chooses not to leave the group without a comfortable financial compensation estimated at about 12 million dollars. His departure was more or less anticipated by the markets, the news did not significantly change the group's share price.

It would also tend to confirm a Yahoo! orientation towards optimizing its services rather than a commitment on the media drive that could have been Ross Levinsohn.

Yahoo!: Ross Levinsohn has left the company

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A new section of photos in Facebook

Facebook has perfectly understood that the photos were an essential element in common endeavors. Witness the incredible success of Instagram, startup also acquired by the company of Mark Zuckerberg.

But yesterday, Facebook announced major changes to the photo section to improve the user experience. They follow the deployment last June for an overhaul of the timeline of users.

The Photos section at the top of your timeline becomes clearer and ergonomic. Everything is now grouped in a single section. The photos are larger, fill the page and are presented as a mosaic when you access it. You can "highlight" some of them by pressing a star (Highlight) for the photo in question. Metadata are clearly at the bottom of the photos when you fly with the mouse.

Three tabs allow you to quickly navigate through the photos: "Pictures of You", "Pictures" and "Albums".

Facebook announces further improvements to come to the Photos section.

The deployment of these changes should take at least several days.

A new section of photos in Facebook

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Microsoft Surface tablets launched on October 26

Microsoft will launch its line of tablet size on the same day as Windows 8. The information does not emanate directly from the Redmond company but appeared at the turn of a completed document for the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), the U.S. federal agency which monitors financial markets, the American equivalent of the AMF (AMF), former COB (Commission des Operations de Bourse).

In this paper, we read in a section on the division "Windows & Windows Live" confirmation that Windows 8 will be launched on October 26 and also that "the same time, we will market area, a series of devices manufactured and designed by Microsoft. "

Until then, no indication of a date had yet been given by Microsoft.

Recall that the size range will consist of several tablets by rotating different versions of the future OS from Redmond. Living with the processor will run on ARM architecture Windws RT (eg Windows on ARM) and versions with x86 architecture processors will be the host of Windows 8.

Remains the question of tariffs and precisely positioning the first prize in the tenor range surface facing the market what the iPad. Microsoft has not yet reported on this. But a few days ago (see our article), rates have appeared on the website of e-commerce Swedish

The first price area (with 32 GB model and ARM processor, Windows RT) in 6990 was SKr 826 euros. Even if one can remove a few dollars because of taxes practiced in this country on electronics, the tablet would be more expensive than the iPad 32 GB (589 €). As for x86 versions (and 64GB), first prize amounted to 12,990 crowns, or  1536 €

Microsoft Surface tablets launched on October 26

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Windows Phone 8: Odyssey and Marco smartphones unveiled

For now known as Marco and Odyssey, both smartphones share a Windows Phone 8 dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 clocked at 1.5 GHz and compatibility 2G / 3G / 4G.

The first will have a 4 inch Super AMOLED screen with WVGA resolution - that is to say 800 x 480 pixels - a 5 megapixel digital camera and a 2 megapixel webcam, while the second offer a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED screen with a HD - or 960 x 540 pixels - an 8 megapixel digital camera and a 2 megapixel webcam. The second will also offer an NFC module. And these are the only information available techniques for the moment.

Finally, regarding the launch, it would be scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012.

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Are we are doing Google+ in a wrong way?

Still if Google is losing the Facebook VS Google+ battle, they are not stopping in terms of innovation. Facebook has many annoyances and we discussed one earlier too. These Annoyances keep making me think to migrate from Facebook full time but I can't. The fact is no one ever wants to leave Facebook. I cannot find all my friends in one place except Facebook and this is its biggest perk. 

Twitter, yep twitter is getting more users than Facebook now. But the fact is people seem to have difficulty with it. It is not extremely simple to use as Facebook and this is the reason of many who haven't joined it. And they aren't going to join anytime soon also. 

Google+ is the network I was looking for. Beautiful, simple and it do not hesitate in terms of innovation. Google+ has a terrific ability to display high quality photographs, as well as customize exactly who gets to see specific types of content that you’re posting.

Google+ is a hybrid of all networks. It is not like they stole ideas and renamed it like other folks did, but instead made their Network solid and simpler to use. 

Privacy is done right with circles. The hangouts are better than Skype and FaceTime calls. The Trends are almost identical to twitter. And the best part is you can find new friends with the same interest and that too very easily.

A common problem with people is that they have less friends. To earn any social relationship, you have to be prepared to start or take part in the conversation. Search for a topic you’re interested in, or select a ‘forum’ using one of the circles you’ve created, and start commenting. People will click on your profile out of sheer curiosity, or because they respect the feedback you’ve been putting forward. Before you know it, your peers will be adding you to their circles or ‘forum’, increasing the chances of them commenting on your content.

Sharing photos on Google+ is the best thing that has ever happened to sharing photos on the web. You can straight away upload photos from Mobile that also happens automagically under the hood.

The pictures are large and are allowed to breathe freely, with YouTube videos a mere click away. And nobody asks you for the limit of photos you have uploaded. Still there is a resolution limit per photo but that is still very high than most of us needs.

At the end of the day, Google+ is great for people who want to ditch Facebook and twitter. 

Find us on Google+
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Firefox add-ons: 3 billion downloads

For nearly eight years that Firefox offers add-ons to its users. He also was the first browser to do so.

With these add-ons, you can take advantage of shortcuts to quickly access their favorite online stores, integrating a set, add a translation tool or block advertising on websites that we visit.

Created by independent developers and 150 000 25 000 companies worldwide, these add-ons have recorded no fewer than 3 billion downloads since they are offered.

To download and install these add-ons - otherwise known as "extensions" - is a reminder to click the Firefox menu and select "Add-ons". From there it remains only to search what you want like functionality. "Advertisement" for example, if you want a module to block advertising.
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Windows 8: the default wallpaper

After WinUnleaked, it is the turn of the Chinese website Win8China to publish some information about the RTM - Release to Manufacturing for - Windows 8 will be distributed to manufacturers for validation during the first week of August, in the coming days.

Discussed, this time, the wallpaper for the desktop and wallpaper for the lock screen to be proposed by default, ie when you first install and no changes are made by the user.

The first is a daisy on a blue background and the second a fuchsia on green background. In short, flowery themes and under the sign of serenity and tranquility.

Recall that the public release of this new operating system by Microsoft is 26 October 2012.

Windows 8: the default wallpaper

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Discussions between Apple and Twitter: nothing concrete

Discussions between Apple and Twitter: nothing concrete

This weekend, the New York Times in an article evoked discussions between Apple and the micro-blogging site Twitter for a stake of hundreds of millions of dollars, which could value the social network up of $ 10 billion.

Social networks are an area where Apple has remained at a distance, without really trying to create his own service. However, the company began to tightly integrate social networking into its mobile platform, beginning with Twitter iOS 5, while Facebook will be the subject of particular attention within iOS 6.

Beyond the announcement effect of the article, it was indicated that there was no evidence that an agreement has been reached. This is confirmed by his side Bloomberg stressed that the two companies are no longer under active negotiation.

The contacts between companies is common, so far without leading to comparisons. The discussions for a possible stake in Apple Twitter have started there more than a year and have been stopped long ago, for lack of agreement.

With $ 117 billion in cash, Apple could quite afford to spend a substantial sum to ensure control over the social network and strengthen this aspect in its platforms, failing to successfully cultivate itself.

This is not the first time that Twitter is the subject of rumors of a stake or acquisition by a large group, during such discussions. The social network seems determined to want to first consolidate its growth and ensure its economic model.
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Ouya console: handle revealed many games via OnLive

Become particularly popular because of its open structure running Android system, the proposed home console Ouya was funded more than expected on the platform kickstarter. Therefore, the material will be designed and marketed in March 2013 for 99 dollars.

This real games offer underdog format free-to-play. For now, announced the first game is a prequel to Action RPG / Survival Horror Human Element, but more are planned for the launch of the console.

Designers Ouya just signed a deal with OnLive, a major market Cloud Gaming. This will make it possible to easily reach a very large catalog of games offered by the service.

Since these titles are playable streaming, it will be possible to resume his part from another medium, such as PC, Mac or a tablet and smartphone. Playable demos are also available through the service, over a period of 30 minutes.

In short, it is particularly important for an ad tracking Ouya games. At the same time, the project's creators have released a picture that shows the final version of the controller that will ship with the console.

Ouya console: handle revealed many games via OnLive

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Why You Should NOT Use Technology in Your Trial

This article should help clear the air on some of the most common arguments against the use of technology in trial. Please share your thoughts, opinions and questions in the Comments section at the end of this article.

1.      It Costs Too Much
There are indeed added costs to consider when deciding whether or not to use technology to assist with your evidence presentation. In most cases, cost alone should not be the deciding factor  - especially when it can help in the outcome of the trial. You may request an estimate from any trial presentation firm, or if handling it in-house, have someone figure out how much money needs to be added to the trial budget. Depending on the length of the trial, this might amount to only a few thousand dollars, or can run into the tens of thousands or more.

2.       The Jury Will Think We have deep pockets
It is a fact that your jury notices the difference between boxes and binders, or a projector and screen. But, does it really look more costly? If the jury believes your client has deep pockets to spend on litigation, it is more likely they will attribute these expenses to legal fees of counsel than to how they choose to present their evidence. (Also see Courtroom Projectors, Screens, and Monitors)

3.      Our Client Doesn’t Want It
When a client is against using technology in litigation, there are likely no solid arguments to this. It is often more a lack of knowledge and understanding of the options than actual fact-based opinions. To simply accept your client’s decisions as to how you should try their case could be problematic in this, or any other trial-strategy decision.Clients may need to be reminded that is your duty to do everything you possibly can to help persuade the jury to rule in your favor, and that you are responsible and accountable in that regard.  

4.       I Don’t Know How To Use It
Learning to properly use trial presentation software can take time, and unless you work with it often, you may not be comfortable enough to bring it to trial. If you’re willing to invest a little bit of effort in training and practice, however, you can certainly learn to handle the basics. Additionally, there is no requirement that you personally learn and operate the software. This is something you can have someone else from your firm or an outside professional trial consultant take care of for you, if you prefer, letting you focus on trying your case. (Also see Trial Presentation in Large and Complex Cases)

5.       I’ve Never Used it Before
A large percentage of trials today do not utilize technology, and a large number of attorneys have yet to try it for their trial presentation. While I cannot speak to the qualifications and experiences of others, I can tell you that every attorney I’ve worked with who had never used technology prior to working with me will never go back to the old way of doing things. I will add that as an attorney, you should be able to try your case in the same manner, regardless of whether or not technology is used to present your evidence to the judge and jury. If you don’t feel comfortable operating everything yourself, have someone else do this for you.

6.      It Looks Too Flashy
This argument may have had some validity 20 years ago, when much of this was new, and considered on the cutting edge of litigation. Today, it would be difficult to find a juror who is not familiar with the Internet and other forms of electronic communication. Although trial presentation software is a powerful database application, to the viewer, it looks like little more than a PowerPoint ™ presentation. Again, these days, you’re going to have a tough time finding jurors who are truly “impressed” with the way this all looks. (Also see Top Ten Tips for Creating Professional Trial Presentations Using PowerPoint)

7.      What If it Fails?
It’s really not a question as to whether something will go wrong when you are depending on technology to present your evidence, but when – and then how quickly you can recover, before anyone else even realizes there was even a problem in the first place. You should always have a backup plan in place. This might be a backup laptop, a document camera, or even the hard copy trial exhibits.

8.       The Court May Not Allow It
You should make sure the Court will allow you to present your evidence electronically before trotting in your portable drive-in theater kit. With that, our judicial system is spending a great deal of money equipping our courts with technology at the State and Federal levels. Rather than discouraging the use of technology, you are more likely to find a judge encouraging you to use it – especially if the equipment is already available and provided by the Court. In these “wired” courtrooms, all you need to bring is your laptop or iPad in order to connect to the courtroom system. You should also try to work together with opposing counsel if you will be bringing in your own equipment. (Also see Judiciary Opinions on Technology in Trial)

9   The jury appreciates handling the actual hard-copy exhibits
Jurors can often appreciate the opportunity to hold the actual exhibit in their hands, and they may even view it as “more genuine” than the same exhibit projected on a large screen. In some instances, this can be true. Now if all of the evidence is presented electronically, and then one exhibit is physically handed to the jurors to inspect, that would certainly have a greater impact than passing every exhibit to them. Additionally, post-verdict juror surveys confirm that they appreciate the effort involved and resulting efficiency of using technology in trial – especially when contrasted to opposing counsel who insisted on doing their trial presentation without any technology.

10.   This case is too boring for technology
Some cases may certainly benefit more than others by presenting the evidence electronically. However, document-intensive cases might actually benefit more than those with a number of photos and other visual evidence. Of course, without showing your photos and other demonstratives to the jury, they can only speculate what your witness might be describing. But, when “boring” documents such as contracts are displayed, zooming in on a key paragraph and then highlighting the critical language can help bring that exhibit to life in front of your jury.

I would be happy to send you a list of typical trial support and presentation services and equipment, including actual rates and pricing upon request. You may send me an email request using the link at the top of this page.

Your opinions, questions and thoughts are welcome and valued here. Please share yours by posting in Comments box below. Thank you!

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The New Apple Genius Ads makes Mac users look idiotic

Apple is known for its State-of-the-art products. But the marketing strategy of its products is also worth noting. The well edited and executed TV advertisements are just the best thing to look at. Apple has released 3 new TV ads focusing on Apple Geniuses. 

Like other Advertisements from the Cupertino based Company these ads are also pretty much spot on. But Unlike other ads these Apple Genius makes Mac users look idiotic. 

The simplistic responses to the new ads abound. The technically proficient think that they’re simplistic and make Mac users look like idiots. The pro-consumer pundits cry “they’re for regular people!” And basically everyone on Twitter has turned into a freelance marketing expert.

Apple is still only hovering at around 5% worldwide market share for PCs, and doing slightly better in its home country with a 10% market share in the U.S.

There’s a huge amount of the market yet to be conquered, and Apple knows this. That’s why these ads are pointed messages to potential new customers. They go after the segment of the market that will feel comforted by the fact that there is a massive retail presence at the ready should they need help.

And Apple is doing a fine job with the operating system. The Recently released OS X Mountain Lion has many iOS features. Apple is doing a perfect job with hardware too. It's like Apple's hardware is the best in the market. 

The Unibody construction is just the thing that makes it look outstanding. The Trackpad has been just another breakthrough. No Company has ever made it that perfectly like Apple. And it works more beautifully with OS X. No jumping cursors at all, Gestures are also done perfectly.

Apple makes unknowingly the best Ultrabooks. Apple isn’t ready to stop selling Macs, and the sales numbers say that more people than ever are switching. So ads that attempt to make switching more attractive will be a big part of Apple’s marketing for some time, as it has been in the past.

The Genius series of ads has 3 different ads. Named as Mayday, Labor Day and Basically. All three ads focus on how good their service is. On Apple's perspective it is actually executed correctly.

The point is they want people to know how good their service is. But we have interpreted it in the other way. Every ad features a person who is a Mac owner and wants assistance with some apps such as iPhoto, GarageBand and iMovie. Genius helps him in solving his problem and that too in a simple way.

These ads are well made for a person who isn't a tech-savvy, but for more tech-savvy people (as most of the people are today) these ads prove to be a fail.
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Facebook don't Remember News Feed settings

Facebook just announced that their company is on a verge to get about 1 Billion Monthly active users. Right now the total number of monthly active users are 955 Millions, just 45 Million short for the big milestone. The fact is Facebook is the perfect place, by far, I have found where I can stay in touch with all my friends. Google+ and Twitter, both are exceptional but lack the number of friends you can connect to. 

What drives me crazy is the fact that Facebook do not keep my sorting and other news feed settings. It is just another Facebook fail I feel they should fix as soon as possible, but they aren't going to fix that anytime soon. 

Every time I log in, the News feeds are the Top Stories and not the Most Recent. Though Top stories are also informative about what my friends are doing and whatnot but I personally like Most recent.

You don't have to be so much annoying Facebook. I almost everyday toggle between the top stories and most recent. Firstly I thought this was just another bug in late back 2010. But after some chats and waiting 2 years to get it fixed, I could officially announce that it isn't a Bug. And this isn't the case with my account only. Lord Zuck, hear the 955 Million plea and change it ASAP.

It’s not just me, because as soon as I bitchtweeted about it, I received a bunch of responses from people who had the same issue. 

Update: Here is a simple yet exceptional extension for chrome that changes the Top Stories to Most Recent Automatically. This fixes your annoyance and automates the toggling process. So here it is.
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iPhone 5 Parts been assembled, is this the new iPhone?

iPhone 5 looks impressive

iPhone 5 rumors are flying in abandon on the web and iLab, industrious repair shop takes a mess of purported new iPhone parts and assembles them into one very convincing device, it's worth paying attention.

This is what iPhone 5 will look like when it is released this fall, says iLab. 

Gizmodo says, "Is this what Apple's new iPhone will look like when it's finally released this fall? Impossible to say. But it sure lines up with everything else we've heard. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it looks absolutely gorgeous.."
Rear Part

Everything which was rumored before is in the picture: Large display, two color scheme, Unibody construction and a 19 pin dock connecter.  

More shots can be found on the iLabs website (Click here)

Will this be the next iPhone's design? What do you think?


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The boss of EA may stop being white hair

You remember, perhaps, a rumor recently that John Riccitiello, the current CEO of Electronic Arts, was on shaky ground. No offense to those who already eyeing his chair, head of EA is clearly not ready to be pushed out. On The Verge website we learn that the company's shareholders have renewed their trust him during their last meeting. Larry Probst, one of the representatives of the board, even said:

"The board has full confidence in John and the management team. They did a great job and went beyond our expectations in recent years. (...) At present, there is no question of replacing John Riccitiello as CEO. "

Those who were concerned about the professional future of good old John can then blow there chances are you still retrouviez at the next E3.
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Samsung prepares screens more accurate than the Retina Display

Samsung prepares screens more accurate than the Retina Display

Samsung has found answers techniques to produce AMOLED displays with a finesse never seen before. We talk about 350 pixels per inch (dpi). This is 7.4% more pixels on a screen the same size as the Retina Display (ie 326 dpi) suitable for Apple found on the iPhone and iPod Touch 4/4S. The screens of these are produced by LG.

Advances in lithography technique called Fine Metal Mask (FMM) would produce such screens. The manufacturer was facing a time to another technique called Laser Induced Thermal Imaging (LiTi) which increases the pixel density. But the start of production of such a technique, although less expensive than the FMM, has been problematic to get decent returns.

For now, it is still confined to a development laboratories. But progress seems substantial and technological barriers have been crossed.

So there is hope that Samsung will mass produce such screens in a more or less near future. They may be present on the next high-end smartphones manufacturer. Then one begins to dream of a Super AMOLED 4.8 inch HD Plus example with this resolution and an RGB pixel array for ultra accurate color

The Galaxy S III, 4.8-inch screen displays 1280 by 720 pixels, a pixel density of 306 dpi. But opt for the Samsung has a pixel matrix PenTile (or RGBG) to obtain such a pixel density. Each pixel consists of two sub-pixels (red or blue with two green pixels in half) instead of three conventional RGB matrices. The screen is also said HD Super AMOLED (the "More" being reserved for RGB matrices as the Galaxy S2).
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Android is designed to piracy a developer according iOS

As Matt Gemmel is a developer iOS and OS X, the firebrand should be taken with a grain of salt. On his blog, this Scottish developer is going after Android and especially the ability to monetize applications.

In his long post, he points piracy finger mainly of applications that affect the business that want to implement developers around Google Play. He noted in particular that users hack the Android apps because it's just easy to do.

Ease which he said is that the platform has been designed with an "open mind", and go up to say that Android "was designed to piracy".

IOS apps are not yet immune to piracy. However, the maneuver is more complex for the average user to take advantage of applications without pay with the need to jailbreak his camera. With Android, it is almost enough to go into security settings and allow unknown sources.

Matt Gemmel, it is therefore necessary to "lock" Android, and oppose a closed model which developers can make their butter in an open model.

In fact, many developers and publishers complain of piracy on Android. Recently, Madfinder Games has decided to offer free his game "Dead Trigger" on Android because of its massive piracy. "The piracy rate on Android devices was incredibly high." Previously, the game was yet proposed only 0.99 dollars.

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Are we getting Too excited about Google Fibers already?

Google announced the Fiber Internet Service earlier this week which promised to give an extraordinary 100 x broadband speeds to its Users. But it is right now only coming to Kansas City. As Google is now transiting to an ISP, they will face many problems.

The Setup

As Google already said that Google Fiber will be coming to only those places where the majority of people pre-register it. Since the cost of setting up fiber is greater, we can already see it coming to less places than expected. It will of course take really a lot time in rolling this service to whole Country. 

Real Speed

As most of ISP's do, Google won't be throttling us on any basis, whether it's extra data usage or torrenting. But I am not sure about the latter thing, as Google is an Anti Piracy Company. But this isn't the point, we won't be capped, that's for sure but the real deal is will we be getting the speed they are boasting of. Like 1 GB/s is lots of speed. Many ISP today are not able to give speeds what they advertise, so we will be having a close look at what speeds they are giving.

Communication and Content

Just like other ISP's they have to keep up with their customers. The Communication between a customer and a Company decides whether the Customer is staying. And with a close look into the past, Google has failed in communication between Users. Remember Google’s failed attempt at selling its Nexus One Smartphone direct to consumers? It’s lack of customer service was a key reason it failed to get much traction in that attempt. Also if they are able to do it right this time, another problem awaits them that is about the content. Since they are offering Fiber TV as an add-on with the high end package it will be an alternative to the local pay TV packages at a pretty competitive price.  While it boasts more than 116 channels, the current offering is still missing key networks like ESPN, Disney, AMC, TBS, TNT, HBO. Looks Google is negotiating with them, in an effort to get a more complete bundle together. 

It would be a No-Brainer to say Google Fiber is not awesome. Speedy Internet connection and affordable price make Fiber competitive with others.  Lets see if Google is able to give a 1GB/s speed to users. What do you think?
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Facebook: 955 million users worldwide

What about a company announces quarterly results rather good, but immediately saw its stock quote dip? This is true of Facebook. Its action has lost 11.34% to 23.80 dollars after the announcement of its first financial results since its IPO. Admittedly, unlike last year, the social network reported a net loss of $ 157 million, against 240 million net income for second quarter 2011, which is partly explained by investments. However, Facebook released 12 cents earnings per share, as analysts expected, and above all, the turnover is much higher, since increased by 32% in one year and even manages to slightly exceed expectations: 1.18 billion against $ 1.15 billion expected.

If the economic environment has a lot to many experts, others are concerned. And if Facebook was not able to monetize its service on mobile platforms, which drain a large portion of its audience? Trails are proposed by Mark Zuckerberg, in particular, to generate revenue with mobile users. This is particularly the case of the update status. It would be a way to accompany the 28% increase over one year in advertising revenue, to $ 992 million.
But users will they be willing to pay for it? Facebook has conducted experiments on this system in New Zealand. However, it should know what were the results of this experiment. In any case, if the financial results can leave some analysts skeptical, the number of active accounts Facebook exploded. The social network now has 955 million worldwide, up from just over 29% from one year to another. A little more than a straw ...
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Watch Olympics on your Smartphone using these Handy Apps

If you don't want to miss any second of the Olympics

NBC Olympics Live Extra: If you wanted to watch all 3,500 broadcast hours of the games, you could do it here. You can stream every single event from volleyball to archery in HD at up to 1080p. But you must be a cable subscriber. iOS/Android, Free

No I want Highlights

NBC Olympics: Maybe you don't exactly want to watch badminton. Try out this app, which will give you basic news and highlights for every sport. Pick the teams you want to follow, and know what's going on with all the major events. iOS/Android, Free
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These Malicious Tweets can Hijack Your Computer

Hackers are all over the web and guess what they are on Twitter too. If you are a person who tends to click on each and every link you see, Beware. There is a malware epidemic tweet going around which reads "It's you on Photo?"

You'll obviously get malicious tweet @ Mention. Though tweets like this can easily be distinguished as the former part contains a phrase like "It is you on the photo?", "Is that you giggling?". And the latter part contains a malicious link. But DON'T CLICK, it's not about you. 

twitter screenshot

These links will load your computer up with the Blackhole exploit kit. Once the exploit is on your computer, it'll index all the vulnerabilities it can find in your browser plugins and the like, and then set you up with a customized set of malware just for you.

It is certainly not the first Malware hit for the network and it is not the last. 
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How to Open Unidentified Developer Apps in OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion restricts the app to be launched by default. This could be a real good feature if we accidently downloaded and opened a malicious app. But for the Advanced Users this is a pain. The requirement is, it must be from Mac App Store or else you'll get an error like "[APP NAME] can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”.

There are two methods, though the easier and more secure way is:
1. Control + Click on the unidentified app
2. You'll see a dialog box like this 


3. Click on Open to Open the app.
Or Change the Gatekeeper settings.
1. System preferences from apple menu
2. Then Security and Privacy
3. Look for “Allow applications downloaded from:” and choose “Anywhere”

4. Accept the security warning and allow
5. You can now launch any app from any location or developer

For more advanced users, I would suggest you the latter method in which we are disabling the security of Mac OS X through Gatekeeper. Though for novice, I would suggest not to disable the inbuilt security. 

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How to Turn Old Smartphone into an Awesome Media player

Wait don't be quick in throwing your old Smartphone or in recycling them. Old phones lack the extra oomph that new and more powerful Smartphones have. Old Smartphones can be turned into a Great Media Playing station for your home or workplace. And here's how to do it:

1. Clear everything else

You need to uninstall those extra apps which you never used after installing. And make sure you clear each and every single app from your Smartphone. But remember all the music apps should be kept (eg. Pandora). Extra space can be used to put more videos and music.

2. Streaming Media 

For those who can find WIFI all the time near them, streaming media is a great bet. It will never disappoint you unless and until you can't find a WIFI signal. Spotify is a real nice app but requires a subscription to use on Mobile devices. Other than that Pandora,, Songza are real good choices. Sticking to one app is a no-brainer, so you should try all.

3. Compressing Media

This is something more advanced, but if you have got more things than what can you pack into your Smartphone, this trick will do. You'll obviously lose the quality of audio files, but you can compromise it for more media.

You have got extra space, extra power and great apps. And this is it. 
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BBC Olympics - Free

A slick one-stop shop to catch up on all the latest Olympics sport news from the BBC. It's also got a section with Team GB-specific news, which is the easiest way to keep up to date with the fortunes of home nations athletes. It's also got an events schedule and a live coverage area that will have text commentary and up to 24 streams of live video when the Games get going.

BBC Olympics - Free

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Curly's Pocket Guide to sports - 69p

If you're going to watch a sport that you don't really know the rules of, grab yourself a copy of this gorgeous app. Not only does it explain the rules of all the Olympic sports and the competition format for each in a simple and yet witty way, but it's packed full of interesting trivia that you can drop into conversation with your friends – like the fact that writer Albert Camus nearly became a professional footballer, but his dreams were thwarted by TB.

4. Curly's Pocket Guide to sports - 69p

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Reuters Olympics London - Free

Feast your eyes on some beautiful Olympics photography in a smartly presented app, best enjoyed on the iPad's big screen. Browse the timeline of photographs to find an image, many of which have fascinating infographics with facts about the sports they show. The app will be updated with new photos through the Games period, so make sure you check back regularly to get up close to the action.

Reuters Olympics London - Free

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London 2012: Official Results App - Free

Follow all the news and results throughout the Olympics and Paralympics with the official app. It'll have profiles of every athlete taking part, a medal table and live scores to ensure you can keep on top of what's going on wherever you are. The 'My Games' area enables you to add your favourite sports, events and athletes, making it a breeze to keep an eye on the things that interest you most.

London 2012: Official Results App - Free

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London 2012: Official Join In App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games - Free

The Olympics is about more than just the sports – a programme of arts and other events is taking place around the country, and this app helps you find what's going on near you, including details of events at your nearest Live Site. It's also got a full calendar of what sports are happening when, and if you tap through to a specific event, you'll find live photo highlights from Twitter once things kick off.

1. London 2012: Official Join In App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games - Free

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Instagram loses the ability to find friends from Twitter

Find friends from Twitter was one of the options offered by the application Instagram photo sharing. "was" because it is no longer possible after the update of the mobile application.

One remembers the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for a billion dollars of which a large part shares Facebook. One might think that this loss is to the account that Facebook sees Twitter as a competitor.

In fact, it's Twitter that no longer allows Instagram access to its API. A shift that results in loss of functionality "Find friends on Twitter" when the application is Instagram update. A message as a popup appears when you want to find friends on Twitter: "Twitter does not allow its users to access this information in Instagram via the Twitter API. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Instagram apps on Android and IOS are affected by this change. However, note that paradoxically, users can still (for how long?) Posting photos to Twitter from Instagram.
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Facebook Mobile Phone Doesn't Make Sense, Says Zuckerberg

During the Facebook earnings call today, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook was asked about the development of Facebook Mobile which was rumored to be built by HTC. 

Zuck answered it simply by saying "It does not make sense."

This is the first time that Facebook has said they are not working on a Mobile device. Recently these rumors flew more around because Mark Zuckerberg emphasized in mobile advertising. 

This doesn't mean Facebook will stop developing faster and better looking Facebook dedicated app for Smartphones. But for the people who were already dreaming to update the status with the blue covered mobile, their hearts are broken.

Zuck says, "People will love a fast app rather than a mobile where you are restricted." Only a Social Network on board -- It's a bad deal. Missing the basic functionality in the mobile revolution age equals not done. This makes this idea not only look bad by thoughts but also non innovative stuff at work. What do you think?
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Insync allows you to store email attachments in Google Drive or Dropbox

Insync is a great service for people who spend lots of time grabbing attachments from their emails in Gmail account. Also it works like magic on Google Hosted email service. Launched today Insync is the easiest way to manage all the attachment by storing them into Dropbox or Google Drive. Right now headquartered in Singapore, this company was started in the Philippines. 

CEO Terence Pua tells, 

"There’s plenty to do, since Drive is initially fairly limited and user feedback was not great. We’re confident that we have a better client, and we’ll be expanding to other places like the new Gmail service."

Pua adds

 “Our goal is to be wherever you work, making your life easier.”

At the first look Pua words seems to be true. Insync does a mind blowing job in connecting Google Drive and Gmail. By far, it is the easiest service, I have ever used.

Dropbox isn't working right now but Insync assures they will get it done by the first week of August. The service allows users to easily backup and sync email attachments to either storage service simply by dropping emails into a dedicated folder.

User need to sign in with the Gmail credentials and then you have to choose your service i.e. between Dropbox and GDrive. Then you need to choose a label and you are good to go. 
Now when you receive an email with an attachment just move the email to the above created label. Now Visit Google Drive and you'll find the attachment there. 

We are planning to expand even further with a variety of different services, says Pua. 

Pua also says that "There’s a busy schedule of new launches coming over the summer of the rest of 2012, as the company aims to introduce a number of syncing products to support a range of different users."

At the End, it is worth using application if you receive lots of emails with attachments. What do you think about it?

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