Discussions between Apple and Twitter: nothing concrete

Discussions between Apple and Twitter: nothing concrete

This weekend, the New York Times in an article evoked discussions between Apple and the micro-blogging site Twitter for a stake of hundreds of millions of dollars, which could value the social network up of $ 10 billion.

Social networks are an area where Apple has remained at a distance, without really trying to create his own service. However, the company began to tightly integrate social networking into its mobile platform, beginning with Twitter iOS 5, while Facebook will be the subject of particular attention within iOS 6.

Beyond the announcement effect of the article, it was indicated that there was no evidence that an agreement has been reached. This is confirmed by his side Bloomberg stressed that the two companies are no longer under active negotiation.

The contacts between companies is common, so far without leading to comparisons. The discussions for a possible stake in Apple Twitter have started there more than a year and have been stopped long ago, for lack of agreement.

With $ 117 billion in cash, Apple could quite afford to spend a substantial sum to ensure control over the social network and strengthen this aspect in its platforms, failing to successfully cultivate itself.

This is not the first time that Twitter is the subject of rumors of a stake or acquisition by a large group, during such discussions. The social network seems determined to want to first consolidate its growth and ensure its economic model.
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