The New Apple Genius Ads makes Mac users look idiotic

Apple is known for its State-of-the-art products. But the marketing strategy of its products is also worth noting. The well edited and executed TV advertisements are just the best thing to look at. Apple has released 3 new TV ads focusing on Apple Geniuses. 

Like other Advertisements from the Cupertino based Company these ads are also pretty much spot on. But Unlike other ads these Apple Genius makes Mac users look idiotic. 

The simplistic responses to the new ads abound. The technically proficient think that they’re simplistic and make Mac users look like idiots. The pro-consumer pundits cry “they’re for regular people!” And basically everyone on Twitter has turned into a freelance marketing expert.

Apple is still only hovering at around 5% worldwide market share for PCs, and doing slightly better in its home country with a 10% market share in the U.S.

There’s a huge amount of the market yet to be conquered, and Apple knows this. That’s why these ads are pointed messages to potential new customers. They go after the segment of the market that will feel comforted by the fact that there is a massive retail presence at the ready should they need help.

And Apple is doing a fine job with the operating system. The Recently released OS X Mountain Lion has many iOS features. Apple is doing a perfect job with hardware too. It's like Apple's hardware is the best in the market. 

The Unibody construction is just the thing that makes it look outstanding. The Trackpad has been just another breakthrough. No Company has ever made it that perfectly like Apple. And it works more beautifully with OS X. No jumping cursors at all, Gestures are also done perfectly.

Apple makes unknowingly the best Ultrabooks. Apple isn’t ready to stop selling Macs, and the sales numbers say that more people than ever are switching. So ads that attempt to make switching more attractive will be a big part of Apple’s marketing for some time, as it has been in the past.

The Genius series of ads has 3 different ads. Named as Mayday, Labor Day and Basically. All three ads focus on how good their service is. On Apple's perspective it is actually executed correctly.

The point is they want people to know how good their service is. But we have interpreted it in the other way. Every ad features a person who is a Mac owner and wants assistance with some apps such as iPhoto, GarageBand and iMovie. Genius helps him in solving his problem and that too in a simple way.

These ads are well made for a person who isn't a tech-savvy, but for more tech-savvy people (as most of the people are today) these ads prove to be a fail.
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