Samsung prepares screens more accurate than the Retina Display

Samsung prepares screens more accurate than the Retina Display

Samsung has found answers techniques to produce AMOLED displays with a finesse never seen before. We talk about 350 pixels per inch (dpi). This is 7.4% more pixels on a screen the same size as the Retina Display (ie 326 dpi) suitable for Apple found on the iPhone and iPod Touch 4/4S. The screens of these are produced by LG.

Advances in lithography technique called Fine Metal Mask (FMM) would produce such screens. The manufacturer was facing a time to another technique called Laser Induced Thermal Imaging (LiTi) which increases the pixel density. But the start of production of such a technique, although less expensive than the FMM, has been problematic to get decent returns.

For now, it is still confined to a development laboratories. But progress seems substantial and technological barriers have been crossed.

So there is hope that Samsung will mass produce such screens in a more or less near future. They may be present on the next high-end smartphones manufacturer. Then one begins to dream of a Super AMOLED 4.8 inch HD Plus example with this resolution and an RGB pixel array for ultra accurate color

The Galaxy S III, 4.8-inch screen displays 1280 by 720 pixels, a pixel density of 306 dpi. But opt for the Samsung has a pixel matrix PenTile (or RGBG) to obtain such a pixel density. Each pixel consists of two sub-pixels (red or blue with two green pixels in half) instead of three conventional RGB matrices. The screen is also said HD Super AMOLED (the "More" being reserved for RGB matrices as the Galaxy S2).
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