Are we are doing Google+ in a wrong way?

Still if Google is losing the Facebook VS Google+ battle, they are not stopping in terms of innovation. Facebook has many annoyances and we discussed one earlier too. These Annoyances keep making me think to migrate from Facebook full time but I can't. The fact is no one ever wants to leave Facebook. I cannot find all my friends in one place except Facebook and this is its biggest perk. 

Twitter, yep twitter is getting more users than Facebook now. But the fact is people seem to have difficulty with it. It is not extremely simple to use as Facebook and this is the reason of many who haven't joined it. And they aren't going to join anytime soon also. 

Google+ is the network I was looking for. Beautiful, simple and it do not hesitate in terms of innovation. Google+ has a terrific ability to display high quality photographs, as well as customize exactly who gets to see specific types of content that you’re posting.

Google+ is a hybrid of all networks. It is not like they stole ideas and renamed it like other folks did, but instead made their Network solid and simpler to use. 

Privacy is done right with circles. The hangouts are better than Skype and FaceTime calls. The Trends are almost identical to twitter. And the best part is you can find new friends with the same interest and that too very easily.

A common problem with people is that they have less friends. To earn any social relationship, you have to be prepared to start or take part in the conversation. Search for a topic you’re interested in, or select a ‘forum’ using one of the circles you’ve created, and start commenting. People will click on your profile out of sheer curiosity, or because they respect the feedback you’ve been putting forward. Before you know it, your peers will be adding you to their circles or ‘forum’, increasing the chances of them commenting on your content.

Sharing photos on Google+ is the best thing that has ever happened to sharing photos on the web. You can straight away upload photos from Mobile that also happens automagically under the hood.

The pictures are large and are allowed to breathe freely, with YouTube videos a mere click away. And nobody asks you for the limit of photos you have uploaded. Still there is a resolution limit per photo but that is still very high than most of us needs.

At the end of the day, Google+ is great for people who want to ditch Facebook and twitter. 

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