Facebook don't Remember News Feed settings

Facebook just announced that their company is on a verge to get about 1 Billion Monthly active users. Right now the total number of monthly active users are 955 Millions, just 45 Million short for the big milestone. The fact is Facebook is the perfect place, by far, I have found where I can stay in touch with all my friends. Google+ and Twitter, both are exceptional but lack the number of friends you can connect to. 

What drives me crazy is the fact that Facebook do not keep my sorting and other news feed settings. It is just another Facebook fail I feel they should fix as soon as possible, but they aren't going to fix that anytime soon. 

Every time I log in, the News feeds are the Top Stories and not the Most Recent. Though Top stories are also informative about what my friends are doing and whatnot but I personally like Most recent.

You don't have to be so much annoying Facebook. I almost everyday toggle between the top stories and most recent. Firstly I thought this was just another bug in late back 2010. But after some chats and waiting 2 years to get it fixed, I could officially announce that it isn't a Bug. And this isn't the case with my account only. Lord Zuck, hear the 955 Million plea and change it ASAP.

It’s not just me, because as soon as I bitchtweeted about it, I received a bunch of responses from people who had the same issue. 

Update: Here is a simple yet exceptional extension for chrome that changes the Top Stories to Most Recent Automatically. This fixes your annoyance and automates the toggling process. So here it is.
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