Ouya console: handle revealed many games via OnLive

Become particularly popular because of its open structure running Android system, the proposed home console Ouya was funded more than expected on the platform kickstarter. Therefore, the material will be designed and marketed in March 2013 for 99 dollars.

This real games offer underdog format free-to-play. For now, announced the first game is a prequel to Action RPG / Survival Horror Human Element, but more are planned for the launch of the console.

Designers Ouya just signed a deal with OnLive, a major market Cloud Gaming. This will make it possible to easily reach a very large catalog of games offered by the service.

Since these titles are playable streaming, it will be possible to resume his part from another medium, such as PC, Mac or a tablet and smartphone. Playable demos are also available through the service, over a period of 30 minutes.

In short, it is particularly important for an ad tracking Ouya games. At the same time, the project's creators have released a picture that shows the final version of the controller that will ship with the console.

Ouya console: handle revealed many games via OnLive

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