Patent War: Motorola keeps pressure on Apple


The skirmishes are many between Apple and Motorola Mobility and, on the German market, they have instead turned to the advantage of the second, although the consequences remain largely local in the first place.

In the patent war between them, Motorola has received several favorable rulings including one that led to the forced off the push email service, MobileMe services and amputating icloud American group of this feature for German users and people on the move in the country.

Apple has challenged the original decision and asserted that the patents are invalid under investigation, a new judgment has been rendered confirming the first and continues to give reason to Motorola. It is also asked Apple to pay compensation, the amount was not disclosed.

This decision relates to the non-essential patents among both highlighted by Motorola in this case. The other patent is part FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non Discriminatory) and is a separate issue that has not been addressed in the decision today.

Motorola is the subject of an investigation by the European antitrust regulator to determine whether the use of these patents under FRAND complaints against competitors is not an abuse of dominant position since the company is expected have signed an agreement with regulators to moderate its ambitions in royalties, in order not to create barriers to innovation in the industry.

The battle is far from over, knowing that other cases are pending in other courts in Germany.

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