SkyDrive: Support for ODF


The time is the rumors around Google Drive with a launch is imminent. The opportunity for Microsoft to take a little hand on the ground by announcing some new media for SkyDrive.

The cloud service from the Redmond company - which offers up to 25 GB of online storage - is now able to handle free format and OpenDocument. What make them searchable on SkyDrive and directly in the browser of office documents with extensions of the type. Odt,. Ods or. Odp. This ODF is notably the one used by default after

In addition to ODF, other new features announced for SkyDrive are adding via the file browser with a size of up to 300 MB, file sharing via a Twitter account. Moreover, images with a URL through service for users of Windows Phone can be shared from Twitter.

The SkyDrive team warns that major additions are coming soon. Driven by its integration into the Windows operating system 8, SkyDrive must approach a service Dropbox whereas at present it is more of a web interface.

Metro application but also a presence on the desktop classic, not to mention integration with Windows Explorer whereby the loading files up to 2GB will be possible. Note that SkyDrive on your desktop will also run on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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