Easter egg: Google and Zerg Rush

Easter egg: Google and Zerg Rush

An Easter egg (Easter egg) is a hidden feature of a program to which it can be accessed via a combination of keystrokes. Google cached a few, including its search engine. In this case, you must enter a specific query.

On the occasion of last year-end holidays, for example Google had made ​​the snow fall on its results page. Curiosity triggered the request with "let it snow" which now gives the desired effect. The question is whether "zerg rush" will persist over time.

On Friday, Google has hidden in its search engine a little game that this request "zerg rush" triggers. This is particularly Vic Gundotra, vice president for engineering at Google, which has spilled the beans on Google +.

The short game is a reference to an attack by a large number of Zerg, a breed of massively multiplayer game StarCraft. The Zerg are here the appearance of O escaped the Google logo. They attack anything they find in their path on the results page.

The goal is to knock as much as possible before they gather to form a GG (Good Game?).

Like doodles, a nice initiative from Google to maintain a link with its users.
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