SPDY: Google protocol that speeds up Web


dating from 1990, the HTTP protocol starts to get old. This is what Google thinks that wanted to boost the creation in 2009, SPDY, speedy delivery (fast), a new communication protocol capable of accelerating up to 50% loading of Web pages while providing TLS encryption of the connection.
This is not an alternative to HTTP protocol, but an overlay optimization is activated at the opening of a session. This protocol layer 7 (application level in the OSI model, such as HTTP) is able to work with TCP, a protocol level 4. SPDY proposes to decrease the latency of loading Web pages by multiplexing requests over the same TCP connection priority management requests and compression of HTTP headers

SPDY is not yet a standard protocol, but one group is working on standardization. For the protocol to work requires that the browser and Web server are compatible.
As for browsers, Google Chrome and Chromium are compatible, and Firefox 11 (even if the protocol is not enabled by default) and SeaMonkey 2.8. SPDY is enabled by default in Firefox 13.
As for websites, the number of compatible sites is still limited. This is the case of some Google services, Google Search, Gmail, and others that use SSL encryption. Twitter has turned on its servers SPDY this month. Other open source projects, such as the Web server Jetty 7.6.2, became compatible SPDY.

Microsoft recognizes the value of the work of Google, but offers better: HTTP + Speed ​​Mobility, a combination of SPDY and WebSocket, a technology currently being standardized by the W3C that enables bidirectional communication between the Web server and the client, it either a browser or a mobile application, that would not SPDY.
The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standard that defines the Net, is meeting this week to discuss several future standards for HTTP 2.0. Microsoft will therefore offer HTTP + Speed ​​Mobility and Google SPDY to define what will be the future of the Internet.
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