Opera 12 beta

Opera 12 beta

This version of Opera 12 is long overdue. An expectation that will soon be satisfied for 12 users since Opera now passes the course of the beta.

Codenamed Wahoo, Opera 12 inaugurates support hardware acceleration with WebGL. However, this support is always presented as a small experimental manipulation is required to activate it. It is explained on this blog post.

With plugins such as Flash Player, Opera 12 uses a separate process, resulting in greater stability in case of crash of a plugin. The browser is still usable.

Other new features concern the support for more Web standards like the dragging of HTML5, CSS3 transitions and animations, CSS Generated Content for Paged Media, WebRTC.

Note also the support WebRTC, getUserMedia HTML5 API that allows sites to interact with the webcam for example, the implementation of the Do Not Track protection against tracking websites (to be activated in security preferences).

The creation and application of topics is facilitated, while Opera Software announces display pages faster, improved performance for handling tabs. In addition, Opera 12 will be available in 64-bit Windows and OS X.

Many things are present for Opera 12, but mostly under the hood. These are mostly ball given to developers who will benefit from it.

Surprise, however, Opera Software decided to stop Unite which allowed to transform the particular browser share server. Similarly, it is the end for widgets replaced by extensions.

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