Windows Server 2012 will be 8 at year end

Windows Server 2012

This week, Microsoft has decided to formalize some names related to Windows 8. The Redmond company has unveiled four editions of the operating system: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows for ARM RT

The server equivalent of Windows 8 is currently available in beta under the name Windows 8 Server. The final version is announced for the end of the year as identity: Windows Server 2012.

Microsoft introduces Windows Server 2012 as an operating system optimized for the cloud with the help of why the experience gained with the Windows Azure platform.

A new version of Hyper-V introduces the concept of cloud computing platform multi-spot. "You can create virtual networks and thus enable different business entities and multiple clients to share network infrastructure."

Windows Server 2012 also incorporates the new file system Resilient File System. Optimized for high-volume storage, it has the ability to automatically check and correct the corrupted data. In the future, REFS should win the client version of Windows.
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