Google displays the mathematical functions in 3D

since late last week, Google completes its service visualization of mathematical functions, launched in October 2011, allowing graphics to be displayed in 3D. It relies on WebGL, a specification for display of 3D in Internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera), but not Internet Explorer.

Since launching the service, functions as simple as sin (x), or more complex and were displayed in 2D. The math whiz kids had the opportunity to create a formula to represent objects as diverse as a Christmas tree, a heart or, more original, the symbol of Batman.

The advent of 3D opens other doors. Look at this graphic formula by typing this into Google: sqrt (x * x * y + y) +3 * cos (sqrt (x * x + y * y)) 5 from -20 to 20. No doubt, as the formulas for 2D, the crafty one will manage to create interesting shapes as in heart 3D

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