Fix avatar sign of Discuz!X

Why need to fix?

Discuz!X add some new function to prevent robort and flooding, such as avatar required.(The new member must upload a avatar to use functions of site.)

However, if your Discuz!X data was converted from forums, it will casue problem(The user has already uploaded a customize avatar, but still notice he or she to upload a customize avatar). 

 How to fix it?

Solution1: When notice appeared, the users just need to visit the page of editing avatar, the program will detecte the avatar automatically.

Solution2: Download the attachment and upload checkavatar.php to your Discuz!X root, then visit this file: http://YourDiscuz!X/checkavatar.php
Attention: Before you run this program, you need to go to "Admin CP-->Founder-->Config UCenter" to ensure the IP of UCenter is correct or empty. 

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