What is AdSense ?

One is the advertising services of the famous search engine Google, which launched in the spring of 2003, which allows owners of small sites to display ads on their return for a share of the value of advertising paid by the advertiser to Google. Working with Google Adsense does not require any special skills or talents are rare, all you need is a PC in your home and enough time every day to work and a desire to learn.

No limit to what can be achieved from the profits and gains by working with Google Adsense. It does not require - as I mentioned earlier - any special skills in programming or in the development of sites, just a sincere desire to learn, in addition to the allocation of sufficient time per day (5-10 hours per day) will decrease over time and will not need more than an hour or two each day to follow the work

Free program, which combines the ads "Paying per click" and "push to appear", which means that pay you money for legitimate clicks on ads on your site, as well as its appearance in the pages of your content. So go ahead and try it out! If you accept the policies of the program, fill out the application and select either AdSense for content pages, AdSense for search, or both. Per demand allows the approval of both types of AdSense, and you decide the question of the use of these products on your web pages

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