How to upload pictures to the cloud - Nokia Lumia 710

Even more so than photos, the videos you shoot on your Nokia Lumia 710 take up a whole lot of space. While 8GB is ample room for a reasonable number of apps, photos, music tracks and videos, the fact remains that shooting a lot of film on your phone is a sure-fire way to reach your handset's memory capacity in no time.

And besides - what good is keeping all that sharp video on your phone? You'll be wanting to share it and play it on a larger screen, and we've got some great methods for doing just that.

The first tool worth mentioning comes with every Nokia Lumia 710, and is the same tool used for keeping your photos stored in the cloud. Yep, SkyDrive is about more than just photos and text documents - you can also store your videos on it. When you consider that it affords you a further 25GB of free storage space, you'd be crazy not to upload your videos to your SkyDrive account.

The process of doing so is identical to the one we outlined for photos. Go into your camera roll, locate the video you want to share (videos have little Play icons in them), open the options menu and select Share on SkyDrive. Done - your video is safely stored on Microsoft's servers. This means you can access your video from your computer or another connected device simply by logging into your SkyDrive account.

But what about if you want to share your videos and even engage with an enthusiast video community? Just as the Flickr app lets you do so with videos through your Nokia Lumia 710, so the new Vimeo app serves those who prefer images of the moving kind.

If you haven't encountered it online yet (you probably have without realising it), think of Vimeo as a kind of sharper, more professional version of YouTube. Less shaky, blurry footage of people spouting off about random topics and more talented amateur film makers showing off their latest pet projects. It's the kind of honed, polished video-sharing experience that sits brilliantly on the Nokia Lumia 710.

As well as letting you browse and view the main site's videos, though, Vimeo also lets you upload your own videos direct from your Nokia Lumia 710. Just download the app (it's free on the Windows Phone Marketplace) and sign up or log in. Now select Upload from the start screen, and hit the New button at the bottom. You'll be taken to a simplified video camera interface, where hitting the camera icon will start recording. Once finished, hit stop, then upload.

You'll then be given the opportunity to name your video, as well as adding a description, tags, and sharing options. If you just want to keep it for private use for now, just change the latter to No one else. Hit OK and your video will start uploading. Note that it will do so over 3G, but we recommend hooking up to a Wi-Fi hotspot - it'll be quicker and cheaper!

Note that while your video will upload pretty quickly, it will join the back of the queue for Vimeo to convert the file - which basically means you won't be able to watch your new video for upwards of an hour after uploading. In order to remove this wait you'll need to sign up for a paid Vimeo Plus account, which also gives you a advantages like more storage space and unlimited HD uploads.

If you're not in a rush to watch your videos back, though, then Vimeo provides a simple and attractive way to share your Nokia Lumia 710 videos. Combined with SkyDrive storage, it's clear that the Nokia Lumia 710 is the perfect phone for video enthusiasts.
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