SkyDrive gives you up to 25 GB of free storage per account

Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive -- which gives you up to 25 GB of free storage per account -- now has an iOS app so you can access your password-protected files from your tablet or smartphone.

The free SkyDrive app lets you access and manage your stored files while on the go. Plus, you can upload photos or videos from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to SkyDrive over Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity.

It's also possible to create or delete SkyDrive folders from within the app. Users can share files with others -- by e-mailing them a link to the public folder on your SkyDrive -- and can open documents, view photos and play videos in various formats.

The 4.4-MB app and service works very well for the most part, though there are a few limitations. For one, you can't search through all your content by keyword.

For example, I uploaded thousands of Word files and PDFs to my SkyDrive, which are listed alphabetically, but what if I wanted to open a document called Zebra.doc? It could take minutes to flick through to the end. Secondly, you cannot open all kinds of documents, nor can you upload documents from your iPad (only photos and videos a smaller than 100MB).

You also can't open docs in other apps or upload more than one photo or video at once. Finally, the app works on iPad but it's not optimized for it. Therefore, you need to expand the app full screen by tapping the 2x button and as such, it doesn't look as good as it could.

Overall, however, the free SkyDrive works well on the iOS platform (it's also available for Windows Phone devices) and at 25 GB per account, it offers more free storage than most other cloud storage out there.

All you need to get going is a Windows Live ID, such as your Hotmail e-mail address, Messenger or Xbox LIVE ID, before signing up for a new account at, then downloading the app.
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