4 Reasons Why Microsoft's Surface Pro Could Fail

Surface RT is flop. Microsoft went for iPad at a price comparable to the same but offered lot less functionality. Reviewers said 'No' to it and people skipped. Hardcore Windows fans had faith in Microsoft, and though skipped the RT version wanted to get an hands-on with PRO. 

But I seriously argue with my mind. Will PRO be just like RT version. And by RT I mean a 'flop gadget'. Here's why I think so.

Price isn't right: 

I constantly argued what Tablet is, and whats the limit to pay for a tablet. Of course the limit was iPad but no more. Surface PRO ships at a whopping $899. What? A 900 dollars for a tablet, this is outrageous. And what you get for $899 is obnoxious. Nothing, to be honest. You need to pay an extra amount of $$ to get Touch/Type Cover. Around $100 to be precise. For this base model (I consider you'll get a touch cover with Surface) you'll get 64 GB of SSD. To put this on a perspective, Entry level Macbook Air, which is officially priced at $999, comes with 64 GB SSD. Plus, you'll get great keyboard and a trackpad that don't suck. 

So if a person is given a Macbook Air, and a Surface Tablet to choose from, everyone's gonna pick up Macbook. Microsoft's "Play Hard, Work Hard" logic isn't going well. 

Half the Battery, Double the Weight:

Continuing my Macbook to Surface comparison, Macbook, the entry-level one, gets a battery life of 5 hours. A recent tweet by official Surface, to a customer shows Surface PRO's battery to be approximately half the Surface RT. And by half, in numbers mean 4 hours or less. So for a tablet its lot less. And for a laptop its lot less. I don't know anything about laplets or tabtops. 

Weight is a too much for using it as an Tablet. And in Portrait mode-- it just don't feel right. 

Neither a Tablet, Nor a Laptop:

I am amazed how well Microsoft advertised about using your Surface as tablet and laptop. They made it with no compromises. Yet with so many. Using it is a compromise. You can neither use it as a full fletched laptop, or as a Mobile Tablet. Touch pad and weight is a letdown. I really don't understand there concept. A hybrid which is good at nothing. There is something really really wrong. 

Windows 8:

The biggest question is the OS. I can't imagine if Microsoft can decrease their development cycles to cope up with Apple or Google. If they tout Surface to be "A Tablet", they should understand tablet or other mobile phones need update every year and not every leap year. And I am saying this because, Windows 8 took nearly a year or more in coming out from Developer preview. And in this time Apple and Google announced one of their OS, released beta's and seeded another OS Version. 

Also. Windows 8 has failed to gain traction among consumers. This is what Microsoft should be worried about. Software is what they make money from. And slow adoption rate of Windows 8 can be a big miss by Redmond Company.  

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