Steve Jobs Was Wrong About TouchScreen Laptop

Jobs was a guy, that snooped into future. He knew exactly what people want, before anybody knew what they really need. He was literally a genius, who cared for small things that make huge differences in life. But not everything he did was right. 

Remember when he said PowerPC's chips are the future, 7" Tablets are not right. And believe it or not he could be certainly be wrong at Touch screen laptops too.

Apple was the company who betted too much, and won everytime. But this time Microsoft is the one who thinks to change the entire era, but things aren't moving there sides for now. Poor sales of Surface RT tablets and slow adoption rates of Windows 8 are a matter of  concern to Microsoft. Since Windows 8 is too touch centric, people are downgrading back to Windows 7. Microsoft failed to justify people why to upgrade. Touch screen and Funky cool animation aren't enough. 

But this post isn't about how bad Windows 8 suck -- but is about how predicting future is hit or miss, and in this case miss. 

Jobs famously said "Touch Devices don't want to be vertical"

Which is true. Imagine how bad your arms will pain when you got to lift your arms on each and every second for basic navigation. 

Tim Cook said "You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not gonna be pleasing to the user"

Cook doing nothing but bragging in the same old school manner. Just because Jobs said so, we won't be doing Touch screen laptops. 

But I think touch screen is good. Actually the hybrid concept is insane. Who says to use just a touchscreen. Actually use a touchscreen in complement with Mouse and Keyboard. This is what 'Play hard, Work hard' concept is for. Microsoft has to be appreciated in making touch space better. 

So when you want to get things done, use physical mouse and keyboard. Nothing can replace them, atleast now. Who say's you to stop using mouse or a trackpad and a keyboard when you have a touch screen laptop. 

Since no iPad Mini come with sandpaper, don't be surprised if you see a Macbook Pro with Touchscreen coming. 

This argument is pretty solid. 
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