Nikon D400/D500 specs and price

As the D300s is a DX (APS-C crop factor) camera, it is some respects it is beaten by its lower valued brother, the D7000.

Therefore, it's possible that the D400 will take on a full-frame sensor, making it more like a 'mini' D4, and setting it well apart from the D7000. One rumour has suggested that this could be the case and that the pixel count will be 16 million.

If Nikon does decide to stick with the APS-C route, it would seem likely that a high resolution would be on the cards, given the recent introduction of the 36 million pixel D800. Maybe 24 million pixels, as seen on the Sony a77 (who is known to manufacture Nikon sensors) will be the magic number.

Other rumoured specs include 6fps shooting and 95% viewfinder coverage. A suggestion has also arisen that it will only use a single CF card slot, once again rejecting the XQD format found in the D4.

Again, we can only guess at the price based on previous releases, but it would need to be competitively priced to make it a worthwhile proposition.

A D7000 can be picked up for around £1200 at the moment, while the D800 currently retails at about £2400. It's likely, that a D400 price would sit somewhere between these two figures.
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