Final Fantasy Dimensions coming to iOS and Android

License Final Fantasy is particularly profitable for Square Enix, which explains the proliferation of spin-off of all kinds. Final Fantasy Dimensions, it is mainly a reissue, since the game is already released on Japanese mobile phones.

This new edition of this RPG will be compatible with iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), but also on Android devices.

Called Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi in its title, the app shows the graphical look of the old 2D Final Fantasy, offering also a battle system similar: in turn, using the gauge ATB (Active Time Battle).

The game will be released in episodes: 250 yen (about 2.50 euros) for the first chapter and 850 yen (8.50 euros) for the following. The prologue will in turn free story lure players. The game can also be purchased over 2,500 yen, or about 25 euros.

Final Fantasy Dimensions will be available on iOS and Android at August 31, 2012 in Japan. Remains to be seen whether the title will be marketed outside the archipelago.

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