Samsung ATIV S review

Samsung ATIV S reviewSo, it seems that Samsung declared the primary Windows Phone eight device prior to Nokia. It's pretty strange, and doubtless slightly funny too, but hey, do not expect Microsoft to carry different makers back from selling Windows product solely owing to Nokia.

With the new Samsung ATIV S, the corporate is obtaining obviate its previous name for Windows Phone product - Omnia. it is a unhappy finish for the beloved Omnia line, however we have a tendency to most likely should not get too emotional regarding it. thus what new stuff will the ATIV S bring that might warrant such a radical modification within the naming scheme? Well, it's like Samsung required a chance for its Windows line-up, a bit like Microsoft required a chance with Windows eight... or one thing like that.

Anyway, being the primary official Windows Phone eight French telephone, the ATIV S is certainly superior compared to current WP7.5 offerings, owing to the newly-added support for quicker CPUs and better screen resolutions in WP8.


Honestly, guys and gals, we're confused. If you've got Samsung's humanoid, Windows Phone and bada smartphones before of you, you will like a shot notice that the Sammy's humanoid smartphones square measure the foremost uninspired ones once it involves style. and that we haven't any plan why that is! Take a fast cross-check the ATIV S, and it becomes evident that Samsung's style engineers are not as untalented in concert may suppose. The ATIV S could be a premium French telephone with a gold-bearing end on the rear and a few cool components just like the specific speaker grill close to all-time low. We're positive that the majority individuals can agree that it's approach higher than a Galaxy S III, for instance, that could be a pity. Still, that does not mean that the front aspect is not too oversimplified.


Anyways, let's travel to the screen currently, as a result of there is a ton of fine stuff happening here similarly. In terms of the show, Samsung appears to be attempting the same approach to what it's doing in humanoid world, which may, or might not end up to be an honest plan. equally to a Galaxy S III, the ATIV S options a extremely massive four.8" screen with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels (thank you, WP8), leading to a good element density of 306 ppi. The technology that the screen uses is Super AMOLED, which suggests a PenTile matrix is utilized, however this does not extremely worry U.S., because of the high pixels density. Screen clarity ought to be dedicated with the Samsung ATIV S.

Processor and Memory

Sure, Windows Phone eight has superimposed support for multi-core CPUs, however do not expect quad-core ones however. Of course, being restricted to dual-core processors at the instant does not imply that Windows Phone eight devices are slower than comparatively-priced quad-core humanoid devices. It all depends on the software system platform, and as we've all seen with previous iterations of WP, this OS will run dead swimmingly on a single-core processor (in distinction to Android), which suggests that you simply ought to be able to get extreme performance with an honest dual-core Windows Phone eight device. we all know that this can be clear to each smartphone aficionado, we have a tendency to simply needed to elucidate it users WHO tend to create their selections supported the specs sheet alone.

With that out of the approach, the ATIV S can deem a one.5 gigacycle per second dual-core flower S4 and (Krait) chipset.

As so much as RAM goes, the Samsung ATIV S can feature 1GB, that ought to be decent for a seamless user expertise involving no hiccups or freezes.

As each dignified premium smartphone, the ATIV S can associate with sixteen GB or thirty two GB cupboard space, however conjointly adds the choice to put in an outsized microSD card, if you wish additional.


There appears to be nothing too exciting regarding the camera of the ATIV S. it will have associate degree 8MP device with semiconductor diode flash and 1080p recording capabilities. Samsung did not say something specific regarding this once saying the phone, thus we have a tendency to guess it will not be standing out from the opposite smartphones during this category. Still, it is often higher to attend till we are able to take a look at the device before we are able to draw any conclusions. Who knows, perhaps this can be future massive breakthrough in mobile camera technology! yea, we know.


As we have a tendency to same within the starting, this can be the primary French telephone that is declared to come back with Windows Phone eight - the most recent try by Microsoft to catch up to its competition within the mobile house. it has been a rough begin for Redmond with its Windows Phone seven OS, however we do not extremely suppose that the war is lost for Ballmer and company. Quite the contrary, once those Live Tiles begin to look on each laptop around, Windows Phone can suddenly begin to seem acquainted to users. And, with the hardware push (Nokia) and software system push (over 100k apps and counting), we're assured that Microsoft can, in fact, pull through.

Sadly, there's not something specific we are able to say regarding Windows Phone eight on the Samsung ATIV S, since, as you recognize, all Windows Phone handsets look and feel a similar, software-wise. Naturally, users are able to get pleasure from the new home screen similarly as all the optimizations and superimposed options of WP eight to their full extent with the ATIV S.

Release date

Don't you dare raise regarding sensitive stuff like that! At now, Samsung hasn't declared a unleash date or evaluation data for the ATIV S, however it's become clear that the primary WP8 devices can arrive in early November, thus that is once we ought to expect the ATIV S similarly.
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