Galaxy Note II vs Note

Hey guys, did you hear? The Galaxy Note II is here! Well, not virtually, that is, however a minimum of we all know it will be discharged in Gregorian calendar month, and that we will imagine that quite few folks out there ar already eying the device as their next smartphone purchase. we tend to {are also|also ar|are} certain that several of these folks considering obtaining the Note II are current Galaxy Note users, World Health Organization ar enjoying their device and ar questioning if it's worthwhile to upgrade to the new one.

In case you have browse our article "Samsung Galaxy Note II and its S Pen magic: a outline of the new features", you'd already understand that Samsung has improved quite bit within the Galaxy Note II - from the hardware underneath the hood, to the screen and therefore the capabilities of the S Pen. Still, if somebody comes and tells you that you {just} just ought to have these new options, they're going to likely be wrong. Not that almost all of them are not cool or useless, however it's debatable if the new stuff is game-changing enough to warrant a replacement purchase. Let's take a closed consider the additional vital new options, compare them to what we tend to have already got within the original Note, ANd see simply what quantity of an improvement a user goes to induce with the new model!

Bigger, 5.5" Super AMOLED screen

As you have most likely detected, Samsung has accrued the screen size slightly, going from five.3" all the thanks to... 5.5". what is smart regarding this can be that it's not at the expense of the device's dimensions, as those are preserved virtually an equivalent. therefore there's not a giant distinction here, however what regarding the technology used? each phones use HD Super AMOLED, though the Note II uses a rather higher picture element arrangement, therefore it ought to seem slightly crisper, though we're undecided if the distinction are going to be visible in real-world conditions.

Now, is it worthwhile to induce the Note II as a result of this zero.2" distinction in screen size and presumably slightly higher image quality? We'd say no, it isn't very substantial enough. the first Note's five.3" show remains large enough, and it is also quite crisp, therefore it's still absolutely smart in today's realities.

Faster, 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor

The quad-core Exynos element powering the Note II is another tempting feature. initially sight, the performance between the Note II and original Note most likely will not be terribly totally different, however, the Note II is much future-proof at this time, able to run all the tight applications that will before long become accessible within the Play Store.

But do you have to worry regarding this currently, once your dual-core Exynos 4210 still packs quite punch and permits you to run everything? Well, not essentially. you'll simply keep on with your Note for currently and build the switch whenever you're feeling that your mobile manner might use slightly additional power.

More RAM (2GB)

The amount of RAM memory that your mobile device encompasses also has a direct result on performance. Like in each alternative space, Samsung has place additional here, doubling the RAM from 1GB to 2GB. this may be appreciated by users do lots of multitasking on their Notes. each hardcore robot user is aware of that you just will use virtually a full 1GB of RAM once you are multitasking variety of heavier applications.

On the opposite hand, people that do not tend to try and do variety of things at an equivalent time will not very notice a giant performance boost. With slightly of sensible memory management, you'll really get pleasure from a seamless user expertise with the Note, therefore it'll ultimately be your usage pattern which will decide if you may build a decent use of the two gigabytes within the new Note.

8MP Camera

Like the previous Note, the Note II comes with AN 8MP camera. Not solely ar the specs virtually identical, however Samsung additionally did not have something specific to mention regarding the camera throughout the announcement keynote, therefore we tend to guess that we tend to should not expect any important improvement during this space.

Faster information association

The Samsung Galaxy Note II can associate with quicker HSPA+ association. it'll go up to forty two.2 Mbit/s on the downlink, compared to the first Note's twenty one.1 Mbit/s. Please detain mind that this does not mean that you're going to get twofold quicker transfer speeds with the Note II. there'll most likely be AN improvement, however it will not be that massive. All of this is applicable to the international version solely. In the U.S., AT&T's Note has LTE, and T-Mobile's Note supports HSPA+ forty two.2 Mbit/s down, therefore just in case Samsung does not announce one thing even higher with the U.S. variants of the Note II, there might still not be any distinction in information speeds between the 2 devices.

Improved, additional correct S Pen

The S Pen is maybe the world wherever Samsung has innovated the foremost. With several new code options designed to enhance the "natural" note-taking expertise, among that pressure sensitivity, the Note II beyond question shapes up as a far higher device for note-taking. If you have been victimization the Note chiefly for this sort of stuff, then the new telephone set can for certain be a wise investment.
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