Facebook Timeline Helps Students in History Lessons

Facebook never helps in study's, instead it does the opposite. But now schools are taking help of Facebook's Timeline feature to give history lessons to their students. 

Amsterdam-based school, 4e Gymnasium, has taken advantage of the popularity of Facebook and the user-friendly Timeline feature to inspire a curriculum. The page allows students to create posts, link various media and generate dialogue with fellow classmates.

Since every youngster knows how to use Facebook this allows every single student to get learn in a adorable way. 
"Amsterdam school 4e Gymnasium has a pretty hip way of teaching history -- through Facebook.
Along with agency THEY, students at the school have used Facebook's Timeline function to chart four major historical topics: the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, Fashion from 1950 to the present, inventions of the 20th century and Magellan's Voyage.
Keeping in mind that Facebook's Timeline layout is perfect for chronological posts (something many brands, including AdAge have already done) the class is uploading information, audio, video, photos, maps and historical documents on the pages. Plus, they can ask questions and add comments right under posts, where teachers can also lead discussions."  via Creativity-online
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