Nokia CEO Stephen Elop soon on the spot?

The announcement of the new smartphones Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8, Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, was not enough to reassure observers chances of returning to the Finnish manufacturer in the segment of smartphones, making hard plunge in share price the time of presentation models.

The announcement of the iPhone 5 Apple and the expectations raised by this new product only make iOS more pessimistic analysts about the chances of breakthrough Lumia 920 despite its advanced features (APN PureView, NFC, wireless charging ...) many of which are absent from the group of Cupertino smartphone.
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop soon on the spot?
So, it is the CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop, who could soon be sanctioned if not able to get back on track after choosing to let die to adopt Windows Phone Symbian. Despite genuine efforts to have an early end as quickly as possible, sales are still not up to the expectations and the tremendous growth of the smartphone segment continues to escape, leaving the field open to competitors Apple and Samsung .

Now, analysts believe that Stephen Elop has very little until the beginning of 2013 to prove that his vision began in 2010 is not a dead end. The holiday season will probably be decisive but the risk of disappointment is high.

Despite major reorganization efforts, some analysts welcomed as a necessary maneuver, the decline continues manufacturer without finding an anchor to rebound. And wanting too much extol the merits of its Lumia 920, Nokia is somewhat tripped over the rug, creating confusion where everything should be carefully calibrated to leave no room for criticism.

Now, some observers believe that Nokia would benefit from adopting Android to conquer the smartphone market entry-level priced more aggressive than the current Windows Phone smartphones.

But if this were the case, the position of Stephen Elop, formerly of Microsoft and claimed a third strategy between iOS and Android ecosystem for its refusal of Google's mobile OS, would be almost unbearable as CEO.
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