Microsoft Surface: the tablets sold between 300 and 800 dollars?

The price of Microsoft Surface tablets still agitated rumor. We all heard a little about it, with some suggesting prices over $ 800, and others ensuring that Microsoft intends to score a big hit with a ticket for about $ 200. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, addressed the matter in an interview with the Seattle Times. Unfortunately, he was content to agree with everyone, believing that selling price including reg $ 300 for the cheapest model ARM Windows RT and $ 800 for models most powerful x86 Windows 8 would probably an acceptable range.

Steve Ballmer has the same opportunity to defend Apple's pricing policy, which is never a good sign from a competitor, potentially hiding homemade products tariffs salty. Indeed, he said that the iPad was not so much that when compared to other tablets on the market, cheaper, but less complete. "Is what you would do your homework on a Kindle Fire? No, because this product is not good enough," added Ballmer, who benefits from the transition to scratch Amazon.

This does not, however, always allows us to clearly identify the strategy with Microsoft Surface tablets. Account he overshadow the Windows tablet models its partners with its own products or simply "lead by example" as he defends himself? If Steve Ballmer explains that even in 10 years, Microsoft will always be considered a software, it does not say whether the secret dream of the company is not either, to impose on the sale of equipment. .. Windows 8 tablets and Windows RT will be released on October 26, along with the new OS. Hopefully, by then, finally have the final fee schedule for the launch of the new Microsoft products.
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