Internet Explorer: palliative in a few days

Version 6 to 9, Internet Explorer suffers from a critical vulnerability being exploited through attacks to distribute malware Poison Ivy, a Trojan backdoor (backdoor). The exploit is detected by many security solutions.

Microsoft has confirmed the vulnerability in a security advisory detailing any action to circumvent and mitigating factors. For the Internet zone and Intranet software giant recommends and block ActiveX controls and Active Scripting in passing maximum security in IE options (Security tab in the options).

To help to prevent exploitation, Microsoft towards the deployment of its free tool EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Evaluation Toolkit).

Internet Explorer: palliative in a few daysThat flaw has extensive coverage. The German government takes seriously and asks all users to stop using Internet Explorer until a patch in proper shape is lavished by Microsoft.

This is not the first time that the Federal Security Information Technology (BSI) makes such a recommendation. This has been the case in the past when the browser is hit by a 0-day vulnerability.

For its part, the CERTA for France aligns with the position and Microsoft recommends applying EMET tool.

Faced with all this tumult, Microsoft provides some details and promised a fix in the coming days. It will be a Fix it to be applied by the user and not an update issued by Windows Update that will come later. Fix it with this, Microsoft provides, however, that protection will be complete.

While we have seen some attempts to exploit the issue with an impact on a very limited number of users, we take this proactive measure to ensure that Internet Explorer users are protected and can browse online safely 
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