ZTE: new OS with Mozilla as an alternative to Android

While relying on the mobile platform from Google to capture market share, handset manufacturers are also looking for alternatives to free himself, even to launch their own mobile OS which consist often reuse resources Android but Google Checkout.

The patent war is at stake in the mobile industry and which Android is often indirect stake qe and the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, with the fear that the manufacturer be given priority in access to the mobile OS, that Google has consistently denied, while remaining discreet about his plans, that manufacturers are looking for exit doors in case Android suddenly become less attractive as a trap would close the manufacturers.

Fears observers at the time of announcement of the acquisition of Motorola Mobility to see the Android ecosystem players become suspicious are true in part. The latest case is the Chinese manufacturer ZTE has announced that it will propose a new mobile OS in the last quarter of 2012 in conjunction with Mozilla.

Young actor smartphone sector, where it creates a position mainly due to Android (but this is also a Windows Phone manufacturer), the Chinese group does not totally depend on Google's mobile OS and means "not rely on a single operating system, "reported one of its representatives in Beijing.

ZTE has big ambitions in the smartphone, as the company has now entered regularly in the Top 5 global manufacturers of mobile phones (in the broad sense), as well as the other major Chinese manufacturer Huawei, but it does not for his immediate plans for development of alternative mobile OS.

Android is the royal road to access smartphones but some manufacturers seem to guard against any shift strategy that Google could reduce the opening or access.

Note that the Mozilla Foundation is working on a Firefox OS with the first concrete should appear in 2013.

Update: Digitimes suggests that ZTE could be one of the first manufacturers to offer smartphones WebOS Open, the open source version of WebOS after abandoning HP's mobile strategy.
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