Yahoo / Alibaba: half the amount of the sale to shareholders

After months of negotiations, the sale of half of the 40% stake in Yahoo Group e-commerce Alibaba Chinese had finally found a common ground for more than $ 7 billion. This relaxation of the position of the American group came after the departure of CEO Carol Bartz in September 2011, which had always remained firm on the conservation of participation despite calls from the foot of shareholders fearing dissolved by the value of financial arrangements.

Since this is Marissa Mayer, Google came from, who headed the U.S. group and began to transform its governance. During Alibaba announced the completion of the sale of 20% stake, Yahoo also said that about half the amount of the transaction, or $ 3.65 billion, would be directly to shareholders.

Yahoo / Alibaba: half the amount of the sale to shareholdersThe case remains profitable after buying 40% stake for $ 1 billion in 2005, even if it reduces the scope of Yahoo China, a huge market and growing. It undoubtedly satisfied the expectations of shareholders and investors who were concerned that the value of this participation minimized.

The transaction also brings a breath of fresh air for Yahoo, strategic reorientation phase for several quarters now and in the process re-engineering in the era Marissa Mayer to try to revive the attractiveness of the portal with new services.

Certainly, Marissa Mayer harvest the fruits of actions taken before his arrival but the payment of dividends also aims to recreate harmony and a return of trust between management and investors, after months of wrangling that claimed their position former CEO, Scott Thompson, and several members of the Board.
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