Why iPhone Takes Everything, Everytime?


I can remember the day when apple unveiled the original iPhone. It was the phone which changed Smartphone's forever. But after 5 Years it seems iPhone is losing its shine. No it isn't losing its shine and the recent iPhone release "Out of Stock" quote shows it. ATT said "This is the strongest iPhone/Smartphone release ever" Everyone is out of stock. It is still proven iPhone do not have the best specs in the market. But, days are gone when we compared 2 phones with specs. And here's why iPhone Takes Everything Away. 

Fragmentation is every Apple fan boys favorite go-to when it comes to tech arguments against Apple's competition, but regardless of your tech allegiance, it still exists. Say what you want regarding iOS, but its iterative upgrades work on devices dating back to 2009. Not one of Apple's competitors can touch that. iOS may still show shades of 2007, but it works for generations past. It is good for the platform and it is even better for the consumer.

No Carrier Control

A forgotten truth about the iPhone is that the phones upgrades and enhancements are not dictated by the cellular carriers, outside of that 4G logo that appears on your AT&T iPhone 4S and the AT&T Facetime over 3G debacle. Apple owning control of its devices is one of the biggest moves the company made before bringing the iPhone to market. It is one of the most important moves as well. The best example that gives proof to this statement is the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. The Galaxy Nexus is still arguably one of the best Android phones on the market. It is Google's flagship device that sells for a great price, and runs the beautiful stock Android experience. The best news is Google made that experience even better with the release of Android 4.1.
Well, if your a Verizon customer you haven't received that great upgrade, and the worst part is you don't know why. Your flagship device is behind thanks to the Nations Largest LTE Network. Carrier control is ugly, and the iPhone sees little of it.


Love them or hate them, you can't deny the beauty of the iPhone 5 and the companies previous phones. This isn't fanboy-ism, it's reality. Thankfully HTC and Nokia are bringing something to the table when it comes to industrial design. We should all hope more companies continue to make strides towards better design. It's a conscious decision for on their part to create a design that's beautiful and needs minor updates every couple of years, or thoughtlessly iterate your similar design four times in one year.

The iPhone 5 isn't flawless. The hardware is not really the problem, but a lack of OS improvements. The saying used to be Apple knew what we wanted before we did. The current truth is its customers are much more informed in regards to technology and the industry.

It seems as though we now know what we want and we wait for Apple to give it to us, like live icons, the ability to turn off wireless options without entering the settings, and the death of skeuomorphisms that infected the stock iOS apps years ago. Regardless of our hopes, the lines will still form on September 21, because the iPhone continues to do what it always done best, give a great experience. It's the experience, the forgotten lack of carrier authority, and the compatible software updates for beautiful devices that keep the weather surrounding the iPhone 73 degrees and sunny.
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