HP do not despair propose new smartphones

HP do not despair propose new smartphonesThe group HP has long been a leader in the PDA in the 2000s and has evolved into smartphones and finally PDAPhones but always remaining within the framework of products for professionals, without seeing the rise of consumer uses.

Overwhelmed, he let others take over a track that had contributed to the emergence PocketPC / Windows Mobile before attempting a comeback recently by buying Palm and its WebOS system.

The initiative, which would give the company a presence in the market for tablets and smartphones public was a resounding fiasco. Now, the group will try a new stimulus with Windows 8 tablets but staying again on the slope by professional proposals under x86 only, and not in ARM / Windows RT.

Asked about a possible interest in smartphones, Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, said the group worked on such projects emphasizing the role of the telephone as a computer system, especially in emerging markets, where it will serve to replacement for computers.

As a company selling computer systems, she explained that HP had to be present also in the segment of smartphones. However, it did not explain under what OS would return it or given calendar or strategic line.

Meg Whitman, however, rejected the idea of ​​redemption manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry devices and services. After the failure of the strategy WebOS announce the acquisition of RIM would probably be badly perceived by investors.
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