Ballmer Rants Over Apple and Android

Steve Ballmer is known to give free and unnecessary advises. Go back to 2007 when the iPhone was released and he laughed his pants off saying "$500 for a phone is too much". Long time has apparently passed but the outspokenness of Microsoft CEO continues as he slammed virtually the whole tech universe describing Apple's ecosystem to be "highly priced and controlled", while Android's as "wild and uncontrolled" and they were no  competition to Windows Phone 8.

The occasion this time was a "fireside chat" with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, where he said that Android's app strategy is wild due to "an app compatibility perspective, maybe in a way that's not always in the consumers' best interests".

He went further by criticizing Apple's pricing strategy. "Maybe because we live in a country where every phone is subsidized you might forget it," he said. "But in Russia last week, you had to pay $1,000 for an iPhone. So in Russia, you're not going to sell many iPhones."

Commenting on Windows Phone 8, he claimed, it is the best of both worlds, however. It has "the quality" but not "at the premium price", and it has a "controlled, but maybe not as controlled ecosystem". Plus it has the "diversity and the lower price points that come with Android". However, with all these "great features" up his sleeve he is not thinking of total domination of the market rather of achieving modest objectives. As he adds, "Our challenge is not to get 60 percent of the Smartphone market. Our challenge is to get 10, then 15, then 20."  

He also called Windows Phone 8, "the most personal Smartphone". "When you whip out your phone, you really see the things that matter to you. And just moving things back and forth between Windows devices will be appealing to a lot of people," he explained.

Ballmer even remarked on recent Surface launch and managing the hardware end of Surface when he said,"it is absolutely clear there is innovation opportunity on the seam between software and hardware which  must be exploited by Microsoft."He even admitted that the company still had a lot to sort out "under five inches" category pointing to the Surface Phone. 

It is not ceremonious to say that Ballmer envisions Microsoft at the top of techie charts but the reality is Microsoft  looks more like stranded in a no-mans-land at the moment and needs to make significant ground so as to reestablish itself at the top.

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