IBM Revolutionizes Traffic With New Smarter Traveler Traffic Prediction Tool

One probably belonged to Mars, if he/she said they weren't involved in any traffic jams. Traffic jams have truly been bugging the driver's interest over the years. But with some revolutionizing IBM innovation, jams may no longer be a spot of bother!
According to the IBM announcements made today, the IBM research team combined with Lyon, France have developed a system that helps traffic operators at the city’s transportation management center reduce congestion on the road, and restore traffic flow which uses real time traffic data. IBM has managed to do it by using a new tool called "Smarter Traveler Traffic Prediction Tool" which evaluates an incident with “predictive traffic management technology” to determine how to keep vehicles moving. The main working model relies on predictive analytics software, GPS monitoring and sensors which will enable commuters to check out what is the forecast of their entire route before they have even started their journey. This would therefore avoid traffic problems and accidents before it is too late. "Truly groundbreaking on the face of it!"

The model is first to be tried out at Lyon, France. "Historical and real-time traffic data from the City of Lyon is combined with advanced analytics and algorithms to help model predicted conditions under both normal and incident conditions, and the resulting impact across the entire network of roads, buses and trams.”

The system can estimate drive times and traffic patterns more accurately, IBM added. Eventually, the algorithms will evolve and the model will get better via the course of time.
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